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You LOST Paul George for NOTHING! – Shannon Sharpe calls out Clippers | First Take

You LOST Paul George for NOTHING! – Shannon Sharpe calls out Clippers | First Take
On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins, Brian Windhorst and Shannon Sharpe react to Paul George agreeing to a 4-year/$212M deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.
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0:00 How big is the Paul George signing for the 76ers?
2:15 Are the Clippers heading in the wrong direction?
7:20 Shannon Sharpe says losing Paul George was bad
10:30 Brian Windhorst on Clippers losing PG

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50 thoughts on “You LOST Paul George for NOTHING! – Shannon Sharpe calls out Clippers | First Take

  1. Kawhi is worthless when he's not getting carried by Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Green; or Pascal, Gasol, Lowry, OG, and Green again

  2. when Paul George became such superstar?????? dude is 6 ft 8 in chucker…in 11 years he only once in playoffs shot 45% or better…ONCE…and 4 times he shot lower that 40%

  3. Daryl Morey really got that last laugh on James Harden huh. Didn't give him that crippling concert, THEN sunk his championship aspirations i love it

  4. What are the odds that Steve Ballmer has more to do with the decision to let PG go? I never thought Laurence Frank was this stupid. Sometimes you gotta do what the guy who cuts your checks says.

  5. Is this a championship contending six man lineup?
    PG – Tyrese Maxey
    SG – Kelly Oubre
    SF – Paul George
    PF – Joel Embiid
    C – Andre Drummond
    6 Man – Eric Gordon

  6. The fact that yall think pg makes such a big difference is comical he can’t stay healthy neither 😂 and I like the clippers squad but health is a issue but if they can get a kawhi in Toronto plan going they can win a chip

  7. Mr. Smith and Shannon and Perk is Speaking Straight Facts on this The Clippers Organization are Clowns for this Legendary video NBA on ESPN Thank you Keep it up please an Instant Classic for real 🏆🐐🎯🙏❤️

  8. in 4 years, guys will be making 75 million per yr. this was the best move the sixers could have made this off season. PG will be option number 3. also he shot 45% from 3 off catch and shoot last season. embiid or Maxey draw any kind of double and PG nocking that 3 down. they also singed eric Gordon, 3-point specialist drafted mcain 3-point specialist, the only valid concern is health from embiid and PG. otherwise this is a great fit and a title contender for sure. they still have 10 million to fill out the rest of the roster. Philly, Newyork, and Boston all being contenders at the same time being 3 of the biggest cities on the east coast is going to draw viewer ship through the roof for the NBA. with already a strong western conference

  9. Kawhi Leonard was a BAD sign. He was bad coming in, during, and after. The man does not play, but collects all this money. Funny how he played during the contract year and then went immediately to the injured list after he inked a contract.

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