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Would keeping Klay Thompson or landing Paul George help the Warriors more? 🤔 | First Take

Would keeping Klay Thompson or landing Paul George help the Warriors more? 🤔 | First Take

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and Bob Myers join Molly Qerim to discuss Klay Thompson, Paul George and NBA free agency.

0:00 Future for Thompson and George
2:40 Competing in the loaded West
5:30 Stephen A. on the Klay criticism
8:15 Power of NBA players

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49 thoughts on “Would keeping Klay Thompson or landing Paul George help the Warriors more? 🤔 | First Take

  1. KD never missed the playoffs in his prime, Durant missed the playoffs when he was hurt &didn't play in NY &once when he was hurt in OKC &missed about 50-games. Even with 10-teams Curry and the Warriors couldn't make the postseason

  2. To take this kind of stand with Klay and not give any resistance to Draymond … just says the end, to me. The GSW are now an overpriced organization that's beginning to collapse and Myers knew it.

  3. I agree with Bob Myers. given how deep the West is, the Warriors need more than just Klay or PG to be in the chip hunt Having both might be ideal. But they're both 34, and that should be factored in–how about someone with great skills and drive in the 26 to 30 yo range. Last, don't know why the Warriors seem to have soured on Klay and vice versa. But when I saw PG literally trotting (not running) back on transition d during the playoff run against Dallas, when they were down and ending up losing the game, I said, Oh oh. Is this guy really serious about winning or just doing enough to justify what I think is an overpaid bag? Watch out with this guy!

  4. Klay is really good for every contending team right now. And going to a new environment might ignite his drive again. 34 is still young. Sure he got a bad rep from last season but let's not forget his reputation as one of the most lethal shooter EVER.

  5. Please keep klay. Paul George just gonna give you the most non chalant, careless, mid basketball you ever seen. He’s not the pacers Paul George anymore. At least with Klay there’s familiarity

  6. The players don’t owe the league anything. It’s all about what’s best for you and your family. If another platform offered you 20 million dollars a year to help them get off the ground you would leave espn this very second, in the middle of the show, because that’s what’s best for you and you’re family.

  7. Y anyone would want pg is beyond me. Dude hasnt been consistent since his injury back in 2013 and you’re lucky if he gives you a few good games in the playoffs since then. Most importantly he’s always hurt and sitting out games. Like at this point why offer him high contracts? He’s better of coming out of the bench or could be a great 3rd back up pg.

  8. Warriors dynasty is done. Mediocre heading toward bad. George would be a major mistake. Kerr's 6' 5" and under league mentality is not working anymore. The best move for the Warriors is to offer that max money to Hartenstein instead of George.

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