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41 thoughts on “Will the judge declare a mistrial in the Karen Read case? Legal expert weighs in

  1. I’m so over hearing about Karen, Boston, etc. there are so many important things happening in the world, including a man who lost his life, and she’s going to smirk on the way in and out of court? no class

  2. 90% of the judges just discusst me.They openly protect cops on the stand, and believe any fairy tail that comes out of their mouths like its the word of god and miracles do happen. 99% of sitting judges were strait arrows since they were children,but once they get on the bench so many of them feel entitled to do anything they want, and treat the police like piers,that are on "their team" You see it when every once in a while they get into some kind of traffic or other dispute, and their whole attitude is "its me,a judge,,,I am one of us,not one of them"

  3. This case should have gone to Boston.
    This town is now known to be one of the most corrupt towns in America.
    This is what happens when people have no understanding of basic science and math.
    Can not tell the difference a lie and the truth.

  4. This is scary! Even one jury member voting guilty is insane the states witnesses were an absolute joke ZERO CREDIBILITY

    Why if it’s a deadlock would the judge say go back in and deliberate more? They’re saying we’re deadlocked? Granted it happens but saying go back in is in effect saying one of you has to change ur vote?

    Seems she should’ve just declared a mistrial

  5. Ive been following this case the beginning and honestly its scary to think that the justice system will do anything and everything to get what they want.since the beginning the prosecution's case has been so weak, with so many holes in their case while the defense shined through each and every time. My biggest concern here is that there is an ex cop in the jury. That should have never been allowed. The jury will never come to a unanimous decision because of that one juror., and lets be real wether you're an active or ex police officer, they will never betray the brotherhood. Js.

  6. With experts testifying that he wasn't hit by her vehicle, it must hinge on a belief that police don't plant evidence. The unknown is the effect of this obvious culture in the district upon jury members (fear of retribution). Canton's issues neither start nor stop in this trial; as long as the people's desire for change gains momentum, change will come.

  7. Karen Read needs to stop speaking to the press and mugging it up for her “fans”. I don’t think she purposely hit him, if she did it at all, but she seems to like all the attention a little too much and that’s disgusting to me when a man is dead! She’ll probably write a book and profit from this tragedy.

  8. I have a feeling the jurors feel the pressure from all these cops involved in this case and this is what probably make some of them to look away and do not consider the reasonable doubt in the case presented by the state.. It's the only way I can explain myself them not being able to reach a verdict.

  9. Karen was logged into wifi when the commonwealth alleges she kills John. Wake up!!! MMA dude & the other pummeled him and left him outside to die & thats exactly why Jen googled Hos long to die in cold.

  10. They hired FBI crash analysts bc of how horrible this investigation was & they even came back & said officer O'KEEFE 's death is not consistent with a typical pedestrian crash. The proof is in the pudding and proctor was planting it!!!!!

  11. Judge in Chad Darnell trial was amazing. Judge in Alex Murdaugh trial was amazing. There are good judges out there who don’t have relationships with witnesses. She’s the worst judge. Should have recused herself.

  12. What about the altering of evidence? What about the dog bites? Where is the dog? Why get rid of cell phones when you know this is going on? This whole thing screams cover up😡

  13. This jury was intimidated. The case was well-presented. No need for confusion. There is likely 1-2 jurors who don’t want to be responsible for doing the right/wrong thing.

  14. How to explain this…… Because the prosecution side F'd up sooooo bad, and a lot are looking at losing their jobs and potentially going to prison, the only "good" outcome for everyone involved would be to declare a mistrial. If Karen was found innocent she would then be cleared and all others involved would be in deep s#!t. By one person holding out (foreman/ ex-cop) the jury will be deadlocked, which is the idea behind this whole sham, and Karen won't be cleared and the corrupt side wont face any repercussions. Granted its still a win for Karen, its also a win for the corrupt side. This had to have been their fail safe plan. They weren't going to get "guilty". So the corrupt people found an out. Wrong in so many f!#&@$g ways.

  15. I believe this hung jury is a direct reflection of the unprofessionalism of the Judge. In other trials a judge is focused on the case and is unbiased. I think she is a horrible Judge.

  16. If it's a hung jury and it's a retail then they need to find Brian Albert's dog, look at his old house and renovations and show every shred of deleted messages from the mcalberts and Brian higgens.

  17. But the Judge refused to let them have the transcripts of the witnesses testimony. Who the f k does that?

    The MA Judge in the Michelle Troconis trial allowed the Jurors to have copies of the transcript but not this judge.

    How can they even make a determination without witness transcripts, especially in this case when so many had either made false statements or failed to mention certain things at first?

    This judge needs to go, not sure if y'all vote for your Judges like in many states . But if you do vote for your Judges vote her out

  18. The defense has done an excellent job of using social media and conspiracy theories of a cover up and a frame up to deflect away from the evidence. I think some of the jury are buying it and some are not.

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