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Wildest Twists in the Karen Read Case So Far – Lawyer LIVE (Part 1)

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41 thoughts on “Wildest Twists in the Karen Read Case So Far – Lawyer LIVE (Part 1)

  1. Oh lets see – no dog, no cell phones, no working video, no cut hand from the glass, but magically appearing glass, flying and yet scrapped body, defensive arm position with dog bites. Punched face, and body All very crazy.

  2. Officer John O'Keefe didn't ever go inside. KR deliberately unalived Officer John O'Keefe. The Albert's never knew John O'Keefe was outside. He never got to go inside the house. IMO, KR is guilty. She stole this good man from the two Children he was raising. John was stolen from his family.

  3. The house was full of underage kids drinking. There’s pictures they’ve shown with the kid and a bud lite in his hand. It all started over kids drinking. The Albert kid was drunk and started in with John o Keefe. Or he threatened to expose them breaking the law.

  4. Someone mentioned a beer bottle possibly causing the arm cuts. But has any one considered he just got those on his own before heading to the bar that night?? Like do we KNOW for a fact the came from that night???

  5. drunk driving is the only thing prooven so far, bc she was over the limit even the next morning. Whoever has doubts about conspiracies… they happen and when there is a police department involved it is highly probable. They have somth called the brotherhood.

  6. I’ve heard from multiple people who went to 34 Fairview physically and the front lawn is actually slightly downhill and very short from front door to street. If John was there and Jennifer and Matt McCabe both looked out the front door and front window no less than 6 times in the span of 15 minutes there is NO way they would miss a 220lb 6’2 man dressed in dark clothing against the light white blanket of fresh snow. Absolutely no way. Not to mention the plow driver who drove very slowly with bright spotlights to each side 10ft off the ground didn’t see a body at 2:30am OR at 3-3:30am but he did see a Ford Edge Right where John was found.

  7. I cant imagine the brake light breaking without hitting something hard.. a human body is not hard. And when it breaks it could have smaller pieces but there would be large pieces too.. Hopefully someone will reconstruct it for a visual. Did they inspect all the other vehicles in the vicinity? As law enforcement they have no business doing a shoddy investigation . Especially as the victim was law enforcement. It smells fishy. Reminds me of the Gabby Stop.. If the majority of calls are for domestic violence then how could those officers have been so ignorant? They weren’t ignorant .. they were arrogant.. I’m not saying this crew was arrogant but they sure didnt bring their A game to the table.

  8. Ong I LOVE the OUTRO!!! I never noticed it before!! I’ll look for it in other videos too! I watch them all!! Never live but I always catch up!!

  9. If Karen hit him the night before and the taillight was supposedly shattered at that time, then why are both taillights lighting up red when she was leaving the house in the morning. Watch the ring footage. After she bumps Johns car while backing out, u see her pull forward and clearly see both taillights lit up red. How could that be if all of the red pieces of taillight were supposedly at the scene where John was found?

  10. These people seemed very sensitive about (jealous of) Karen’s financial situation… that made this all worse, if you ask me. Someone could probably put together a really good video with all of these side comments and remarks or simply the tone in their voices and facial expressions when answering questions about Karen having a Lexus or about Karen offering to pay for something, treating everyone in Aruba, buying things for the kids, etc. The way I see it, she could afford it, she made good money and had no kids of her own so she wanted to treat people… where I’m from (Northeast Jersey / NYC), my friends and I do that kind of stuff all the time ..but it seems like a lot of the people surrounding this case are Blue collar and town-y… (I don’t need this in a negative way so no disrespect to anyone out there) but they just sort of seem to get rubbed the wrong way by Karen’s generosity… They see it like she’s showing off. I don’t see it that way.

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