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Why Portugal MUST drop Ronaldo | Portugal vs Slovenia reaction

Portugal beat Slovenia on penalties last night – and Cristiano Ronaldo put away the first from the spot. But that was after an evening where he hindered his own team in many ways…

Pete, Jim and Andy discuss a dramatic night – plus, will UEFA ban Jude Bellingham?!

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26 thoughts on “Why Portugal MUST drop Ronaldo | Portugal vs Slovenia reaction

  1. Gvardiol played with a mask too in another major tournament and he was brilliant. Not saying the mask cannot affect Mbappé, but I don't think it's the reason why he isn't delivering. All teams know how dangerous he is and they try to make it difficult for him.

  2. Ramos is garbage. Ronnie at 39 is still our best striker – if he were to stop taking all free kicks we'd have nothing to criticize

  3. commenting football is not a science has anyone can see if objectively you listen to this podcast… they use words one after another but nothing more than speculation…so a human person crying was afecting the team mates and can be bad to the team , repeating "can be bad" "is bad" bla bla bla… where is the proof…how do they know so much…cos in the end i saw Portugal wining… objectivity to the ground…i can see why this 3 are commentators of little podcast… they certainly are not presenting they shared PHD…
    In the end they are rinding on titles to be seen…
    grow up lads!!!!

  4. Reminder that Eric Dier has scored the same amount of goals from direct free kicks at major international tournaments as Cristiano Ronaldo. And has taken considerably less 💀

  5. Surely you can't be serious? Why are so many journalists missing De Bruynes point? Cleary he means that the spanish, german, french national teams also have golden generations and they are all competing for the same tournaments together. Hence, its difficult for the belgian golden generation. The golden generation tag is really given to them because they havent had one before that, other teams seemingly constantly produce them.

  6. Can we take the time to acknowledge how appalling Martin Keown is as a commentator? Does he actually know the rules of the game? And does he think only former players understand football?

  7. Ronaldo doesn't have 16 free kick atempts with Portugal in major tournaments, he's had 36!!! With only one goal against Spain in Russia's World Cup.

  8. Astonishing. Seeming to recover his emotions after totally breaking down mid-game! Ronaldo scored his 2nd pen and immediately thanked and acknowledged the Portuguese fans. A humble Ronaldo is something I'd never thought I'd see.

  9. 13:55 as much as I dislike Ronaldo – which is to say a lot – I can’t disagree with the opinion that his tears were “ridiculous” and “silly” more strongly.

    He’s a selfish primadonna. But he’s also patriotic and proud and wants his country to win. He felt like he let his countrymen down in what could have possibly been his last match in a Portuguese uniform. Why would his teammates think that his reaction was “ridiculous”?

    That might have been the most likable/relatable thing Ronaldo has ever done.

  10. 24:50; 😂 I know he feels he has to but Martinez bigging Ronaldo up so much afterwards was ridiculous! Is he for real?! The big crybaby with an emotional meltdown after missing a PK?! Has missed 33% of the penalties he's taken outside of PK shoot-outs @Euro Champs; and scored 1 goal from his last 149 FK attempts – a woeful conversion rate! POR won that match in spite of him, crazy to think he'll inexplicably end up going to the US World Cup as a 41yr old!

  11. Why? Because he’s awful. Has been for years.

    Calling him a one dimensional player – which he’s been since 2018 at least – would be a massive compliment at this point.

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