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Where Karen Read trial stands after 3 weeks of witness testimony

Jurors in the murder trial of Karen Read in Massachusetts continued to hear testimony Friday three weeks after the prosecution called their first witness to the stand. Read is accused of hitting her boyfriend with a car and leaving him to die in the show, but her lawyers say she’s being framed. Penny Kmitt from CBS News Boston has the latest.

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22 thoughts on “Where Karen Read trial stands after 3 weeks of witness testimony

  1. No that is not true, the google search was made 6:34 app. KR asked Jenn to do search, can hear on dispatch. Safari makes suggestions and at 2:27 AM it was a search for sport page. Google makes suggestions and goes by last timeline but I do believe they already proved that in court.

  2. ⁠ Let me share an ER experience from a Trauma Level 1 hospital. Head trauma looks exactly like the autopsy photo, especially the bulging eyes. Remember, the hand would fracture long before the skull and this patient/victim had multiple skull fractures. That requires trauma and more force than that which occurs in a professional fight. This is indicative of a blunt force trauma head injury consistent with being struck by a vehicle and the secondary impact of the head striking the ground with coup-recoup movement of the brain/trauma and not a fist. Had it been a fight there would have been other obvious bruising. If you are struck by a vehicle at a slow speed (I.e. backed into) it will cause you to fall and strike the back of your head (occipital lobe) which will result in head trauma which will look like bulging/swollen eyes, bleeding from the orfaces of the mouth and nose and possibly eyes, GCS 3 neuro. You can not observe fractures and breaks or skeletal injuries and nobody is gonna image a dead patient to find them. So think about this-a car slowly backs into him, strikes perhaps his orbital/eyebrow region, he falls back onto his head and is knocked unconscious and dies of the elements/hypothermia. It is VERY possible without other observable injuries. If he has been hit at 30 MPH would this look different? Of course. When we get a patient in the trauma bay, I’m concerned with life-sustaining or saving measurements. Not all internal trauma (in fact, most) is visible externally or overtly. Additionally, remember the ER physician stated his forearm had multiple superficial abrasions. These are to the epidermis not penetrating which are extremely shallow (think fingernail scratch), not a K9. It is frustrating when people with no knowledge of how a TBI presents/looks jump to the conclusion he just looks like he was beat up

  3. What is clear in this case is the Albert's & McCabe's are involved in some way. That means reasonable doubt for this case and what should a not guilty verdict for Karen. We also have an officer that should have recused himself from the case but did not. From that alone this case should never have gone to trial.

  4. Two personality Karen, one for trying to look like she cared for the kids to lost their parents and the other wondering why she had to raise someone else’s kids and complaining to another guy! Why just not leave? Why make these kids feel like they were a burden? How would you feel if you lost your parents? Just sad John isn’t there for them!

  5. A lot of stupid comments here from people who clearly have not watched the testimony. This woman has been FRAMED. Police officers ditching phones, lying on the stand, botched police investigation and now the FBI investigating. Just wait….

  6. Could brian senior and higgins jumped in plowed wrangler and got tò the house together first before others. Higgins.said he was the first to arrive from.water fall. the first there and unnevessarily plowed a driveway. With little snow. He said he was being wiseguy doing so.

  7. Fist fight or dog attack? Why did her friend Google using incorrect spelling hours before finding him? Dudes knuckles were not damaged to degree that they killed a trained officer? Why did she not take her own car when she went looking for him? Why did she call friends in wee hours instead of calling where she dropped him off? Too much doesn't add up?

  8. week 1 shes remorseful, saddened, in grief, but compassionate, as were her supporters. week 2 things began to become a bit more unhinged, impatient, bothered and bored, nervous and uncertain. week 3 has found desperation, frantic attempts to shift and deflect blame, refusal to cooperate and pushing for vindication, maybe even a celebration. witchcraft may or may not be in play, and her victims family is owed more.

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