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What would a hung jury mean in the Karen Read trial?

Jurors have gone home for the weekend after failing to reach a unanimous decision on the charges against Karen Read.

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25 thoughts on “What would a hung jury mean in the Karen Read trial?

  1. Who here believes she hit his car on purpose because she was in a rage, and that could possibly be her biggest regret? (besides being seen at a bar getting very drunk?)

    Btw, i know she's 100% innocent of any hit & run or vehicular manslaughter.

  2. Trooper Proctor is a disgrace. He and all the officers in that text thread should have been fired long ago. The world is watching this case and he has embarrassed all law enforcement. The Massachusetts governor made a statement but it means nothing without action.
    Do better Massachusetts, no woman is safe with these kind of officers "protecting" your streets.

  3. Why is the no media talking about the circus that Karen Read and Alan Jackson brought to this trial. In the beginning had Yanetti, and he stood at the courthouse and exclaimed it was a horrible accident. Then, all of a sudden, KR has AJ on the scene, and it's the most nonsensical conspiracy ever told. There is witness intimidation, tampering, false accusations about anyone within six degrees of JO. The police investigation lead straight to KR. And all evidence and common sense shows she's indeed guilty of killing JO. THE defense is a defense for white privilege. Massive amt. of money paid out by KR dad. AJs massive lies and accusations that are grotesque. AJ sought out scum to do part of his dirty work by intimidating witnesses, doxxing them. The list of lowlife maneuvers goes on thanks to the liars on defense. The police did nothing wrong, they did it right! They got the killer KAREN READ. And btw, Proctor's words described the cop killer perfectly. Why doesn't the media talk about the shit show Alan Jackson brought to town. "I HIT HIM, I HIT HIM, I HIT HIM!" "DAD, I hit something." "I didn't think I hit him that hard." Media is missing the bigger story here, the nonsensical conspiracy that's working with bloggers, not journalist to throw this case. She is dirrrrty and everybody knows it. FBI investigate AJ and Yanetti! They've torn a town apart for a raging drunk b**ch cop killer. May she rih for what she has done to the O'Keefes and his friends.

  4. Hung on a lesser charge , drink driving which is the only one they could retry . Just a guess jeez I am in Ireland and this is a shit show for the land of the free .

  5. I dont see how any reasonable juror can not see all the reasonable doubt. It's insane. I feel like the last witness, Dr. Rentshler said ALL we needed to hear. Physics dont lie. JO wasn't hit by Karen's lexus. NOT GUILTY.

  6. Its reasonable doubt,ok,but all the inconsistences in her speech as well,makes me believe She had a participation on this,She went looking in their neighboorhood,but She knows she left him in the alberts house,so why waste time…

    She was the only one that saw him, from the back seat of her friends car, in a Blizzard,on the floor covered in Snow,she said she broke the tail light to her friends,she scream to everyone that i hit him,i hit him,did i hit him?…

    She left all those anger voice mails to him,She said those nasty things about is nephews, that "she was done babysitting those spoiled teenagers",when she was the one spoiling them and fought with John about that…

    she was flirting with Higgins,johns collegue that worked for ATF… from her own words,that came out of her mouth: " could i have unwillingly incapacitate him some how and in his drunkiness, he passed out?! Wtf is that wording?!!!

    She Said She had 4 drinks,the bar Said She had at least nine…to me who lies about that Little detail,like having Four drinks and then you find out that were at least nine,meaning you were drunk as fck lady,he probably was to,and you probaby shouldnt be driving at all, is not worthy of respect!!!!! Neither those police officers,that Said all those nasty things about a Citizen,have zero respect from me,disgusting Ones that have no work ethics!!!!!

    Iam sorry,its my opinion,She shouldnt be driking at all because She has Ms!!!!!

    So to many lies,to many uncertainties,i have my doubts,so i would found her guilty of operating a veícule while drunk and endanger others,but for his murder i dont know!!!!!

  7. All you guys holding out for the federal investigation…
    Its going to be a big nothing burger..
    Feds dont investigate murders.
    No civil rights were violated. JO was not on duty. The alberts were not on duty.
    Higgins was not on duty. So their occupations do not come into play as far as an unlawful arrest.
    So this murder does not involve the mob or any type drug trafficking activity which would make a murder apart of a criminal enterprise. So rico doesnt apply.
    Now sloppy or even biased investigations do not rise to corruption. So exactly what are the feds going to do?

  8. IMO the FBI will eventually will answer the question about what really happened to OFFICER O'Keefe. They must know or wouldn't have set over 3000 pages of information to defence or paid for their experts!

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