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37 thoughts on “What happens next as Karen Read jury resumes its deliberations Monday?

  1. I’m asking this in all honesty- because I’m REALLY curious
    Do Karen Read supporters believe another cop killed John?
    It seems so from the comments but admittedly-I don’t know!

  2. Lally's such an idiot!! After the jury tells the court that it's exhausted all possibilities and are deadlocked, Lally says "It's FAR FAR FAR too early…". How long do he and Auntie Bev plan to hold them captive in hopes the honest ones will give in to a conviction?

  3. Who knows. Fact is she killed him and fact is she’s left destruction in her wake after the event. The brain washed humans out there still thinking it’s a conspiracy, actually need help. Karen you are a killer and will forever be one no matter what result happens in court.

  4. I still do not understand why people on their 50s wanted to have a party on the night of a blizzard.

    It takes me too long to recuperate & at this age, I want to sleep in my own bed.

    This whole dirty group lured JO there to beat him & leave him to die and blame it being hit by the plow driver Lucky.

    Their plan charged once Karen made the comment “could I have hit him!”.

    They decided to make her their patsy because all of them catty women were jealous of Karen.
    Free Karen Read!!!!!

  5. Even if Karen hit him-Dr.Russel testified&Autopsy show blunt force trauma dog bites & hypothermia- Brian&Colin&Higgins brought John to basement.He reported Colin for dealing drugs-MOTIVE‼️

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