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48 thoughts on “We Finally Have a “Verdict” in the Karen Read Case

  1. A Boston area tv station had news that Michael Proctor has been relieved of his duties. Is this true? If so is it due to the hung jury or is this the result of an FBI investigation?

  2. This shit show needs shut down immediately. Clearly the cop is corrupt and the DA should know this having heard him on the stand… by association he is corrupt by proceeding. How any intelligent person (without bias) could not reach a NOT GUILTY verdict is mind-boggling. There's nothing to ponder. It should have taken them 15 mins or much less to reach that decision.

  3. I expected the jury to come back with a not guilty verdict reasonably quickly. This result is shocking. How on earth could even one juror think the CW proved their case? It’s just insane and to be honest very scary!

  4. It's to a point where youcan'tt trust humanity with equal justice. Feelings aren't suppose to matter. When the evidence proves one thing and that doesn't seem to matter, then a fair trail isn't possible from a "jury of our peers!"

  5. So now let’s see if McCabe and Albert’s are powerful rich enough and have some dirt on the particular FBI agents who are investigating not only the canton PD but also the MSP for corruption and gross negligence/misconduct.

  6. This just epitomises the sad state of society as a whole in the NAZI STATES OF AMERIKKKA. Society in this country has been dumbed down to such low levels that you can no longer trust people to be able to logic.

    Based on the wording of the verdict it is obvious that the jury was comprised of a mix of hopeless, blind bootlickers and the other part was people who still have hope in life and can actually logic in their daily lives.

  7. This Proves that there was indeed a PLANT on this jury!! They will never find a jury honest enough to have no knowledge of this trial.

  8. Someone at some point is going to slip up in this case. There’s more for the Defense to bring into play now. CW had no legit evidence just character assassination

  9. I think the "heaviness" Larry feels is shared by most of us. It's a case that showcases more corruption, lying, a coverup, and the framing of an innocent woman. And, as obvious as it seemed, the jury didn't get it as a group. It just seemed overwhelming to everyone… Guess not.

  10. What this feels like to me is, that all these corrupt, lying individuals will now get away with it. At very least, they will have time to hone their craft of deceit. In the mean time, an innocent woman is still losing everything, while fighting for justice.

  11. It is ridiculous!!!!
    Not guilty!!!!!
    This isn't right!!!!!
    It is so sad , not guilty!!!!!!!
    I cannot believe the jurors!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I am shocked!!!!!!

  12. I guess, that aj is not that good after all with his “look the other way” crap. I guess your advise to Kr didn’t help her either. Stick to your dui cases. Fail. Try again. Kr and her clown lawyer Aj created a circus of this trial. JO is the real victim here.

  13. I hope that FBI finds that Proctor had committed a crime in this case and arrest him. So the DA wants a retrial. Some way some how Keran Attorney has to get a change of venue. I think they can do 50 retrial and still get the same results. I feel real bad for the Mother of John, but I justice. I think if the FBI started at ground zero and did all interviews over that would find the real truth.

  14. Is it "normal" for a jury not to be allowed to see court transcripts of the witnesses n such? IMO these guys not being able to see the actual words of the ME or the accident reconstruction experts leads the jurors to rely on their own memories and opinions of what all the witnesses and evidence means. I mean think about it, 3 people can see the same car crash and they will each have a variable recollection of that accident. One person focuses one thing, another focuses on something else and well the other one has a differing opinion of which car hit the otber first because they were in a similar accident 15 yrs ago… its the same when we see body cam footage of a cop interactions….some people say the cop was giving unlawful commands while others believe anything a cop commands is lawful regardless.

  15. The Amount of Dirtiness in this case is unbelievable! I hope Jennifer and all the liars reap all of God’s wrath 🙏🏼 JESUS BE WITH KAREN and her FAMILY ❤️❤️❤️

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