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46 thoughts on “WATCH LIVE: Witness testimony continues on day 2 of Karen Read murder trial.

  1. I have already watched this whole trial. Looking for something specific is why I am re-watching. Amazing what you will pick up on after a re-watch. Jen is entering the home while EMS is still there. 😮

  2. I’m glad other people agree with my observations…this judge is completely biased! I watch a lot of court cases and I’ve never seen anything like it. The sighing when the defense is cross examining, the sustaining 100% of the prosecution’s objections, telling the defense to move on to the next question instead of asking to rephrase. Ugh! She’s part of the cover up at this point.

  3. Shoes do NOT walk away on their own. The yard was searched numerous times FOR MONTHS!and supposedly, 45 shards of glass were recovered, but no shoe. The hospital found no shoe and the ambulance had no shoe. Had they searched that house that early morning, they would’ve found the shoe, blood, broken glass,a a stained floor, and a dog with a history of biting.

  4. These PROSECUTORS do not have to voice what their objections are and what the grounds are for those objections?!?!?! Wtf kind of American courtroom is this??? I know that I have never been to law school but it would seem to me that if there was a legal precendent for blanket objections, that not a single lawyer would waste their time citing what particular objection they found and just leave it to the judge to search her own mind untill one was found😅😂. I hope this woman gets removed from the bench.

  5. All the witnesses for the prosecution cant remember cant recall ,calling their fellow officer the victim ,he was one of their own,so why would they not remember or recall ,this whole police department needs a clear out of all the cops with memory loss.

  6. The corruption runs so deep in the canton police department ,the FBI should be called in to investigate the corruption in the upper ecaeloms of Canton police department when one of their own was murdered ,and there's no clarity.

  7. If the judge wasn't impartial and biased towards the prosecution if a future trial took place should she recuse herself from any future proceeding for not being impartial towards the defence.

  8. Finished day 2 and evidence is still against the defendant. The defense attorney is aggressive and is doing a very good job but so far has not presented anything to change my mind. At least not yet!

  9. Everything the defense is claiming about what is being done to Karen is what Karen is doing to others. She is not being framed, she is framing people for what she did. At the very least this was a drunk driving hit and run, possibly worse. No one should have to take the blame for what Karen Read did while drunk.

  10. The prosecutor and the judge is making it very hard to remain unbiased. The prosecutor keeps asking questions that are completely irrelevant. I didn't feel like the prosecutor is proving that the defense attorney's statements aren't true. The judge is sustaining objections that don't make sense.

    The states case is a dumpster fire so far.

  11. My perceptions might be different than some others. The Judge is fair and accommodating to the defense so far. They received a change of courtrooms and last-minute AV accommodations as recent examples. The defense's opening statement was crisp and easy to understand. The prosecution seemed dry and could have summarized better the basic synopsis of the case at opening. Day 2 while some are screaming "cover-up" and saying the defense is wiping the floor with prosecution I'm not so sure. The prosecution appears to be "keeping their powder dry" and letting the video evidence and witnesses speak to the merits of the case. The O'Keefe brother and sister-in-law testimony goes to Karen Read's character. She got her stuff outta that house and was gone and made sure the O'Keefe's knew it….The video of the first police response cruiser in the snow shows how poor visibility was to blunt the "Snow plow driver did not see a body" narrative. The defense was not able to refute the Firefighter/Lead Paramedic testimony IMO. I agree he was solid and seems he heard her screaming things and "I did it" was one of them. Can't wait for Trooper Proctor testimony in this case. Sorry for the long post.

  12. I've never seen a courtroom set up like this. Good grief.
    The judge is biased and her ego got too involved where integrity should have taken precedence. Crazy that she's on this case. Batshi* crazy. If anyone in that courtroom thus far, including John's family, still believes Karen is guilty, they are either not paying attention or are too stubborn to accept that they have been wrong about this from the beginning. This PD is as corrupt as they come. She dated one of the guys in that house during a break with John. That alone is off. She didn't want to go. Someone or multiple people in that house went into a drunken rage and beat him to death. The dog became protective and attacked him too. That's a lot of drunk cops with big egos under one roof. It could have been the simplest dumb thing said that wasn't meant to offend anyone, a brawl happened and now he's dead. This was a beating. End of story. Karen is innocent and has been framed. This is real life and sadly it could happen to anyone when corruption is afoot.

  13. Judge Bev seems very annoyed to be there! You can sense her attitude with the defense. She definitely favors the prosecution as there is no sighing or attitude. She needs to stop with sighing like a child. Who is in charge of Judge's? Maybe they should tell her to knock it off! My GOD I would think Judge's should act a little more professional.

  14. Oh, and in the cover-up of the murder of detective Mulligan in Boston, the frame job that they did that was just on a Netflix documentary. All the corrupt cops ending up being disgraced! That’s where all these lying corrupt cops are heading. Your grandchildren will be so proud when everything comes out. Nobody could understand how a couple of witnesses in the Boston case the murder of Detective Mulligan. We’re getting up on the stand and a identifying the defendant well it turns out they got around $15,000 each after the murder and they could never figure out where that money came from the police union, a reward it was buried. Nobody knew where that money came from. so when you wonder about witnesses lying there either threatened or paid off

  15. If I was any of these police officers testifying at this trial, I would put my foot down and say screw this. There is no way I am going to cover up for these cops anymore and put reputation on the line for them. They need to take responsibility and stop having all of us cover for them. I highly doubt it would happen, but how selfish of the brothers to do this to every law enforcement officer involved in this case. in the end when it all comes out, they are gonna ruin their entire reputation for the 30+ he is that they worked on that force and they are gonna go down as corrupt and that’s tragic just because two people are highly highly connected

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