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Was Karen Read Right All Along? Dramatic Hearing — Lawyer LIVE

On April 14, unless the court grants the defense motion to dismiss, Karen Read will stand trial for murdering her boyfriend John O’Keefe. Police say that after a night of drinking, she backed over O’Keefe with her SUV and left him to die in a snowstorm.

But Karen Read’s defense team says she had nothing to do with his death. She says that she dropped him off at a party at the home of fellow Boston police officer Brian Albert. Inside the home were family members and friends of the Alberts. Karen Read’s defense team says that someone inside that home injured him so badly he was near death, and then dragged him out into the falling snow to die. The entire group inside the house, they say, then set Karen Read up to take the fall.

At a dramatic hearing this week, Karen Read’s team unboxed new evidence and argued that the indictment against Karen should be dismissed, and that the DA should be disqualified from prosecuting the case.

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46 thoughts on “Was Karen Read Right All Along? Dramatic Hearing — Lawyer LIVE

  1. Does it matter who did it at this point? The point should be has reasonable doubt been established. I don't see how any fair jury could convict Read.

  2. What about snowplow guy, i seen one picture of johns arm, if Reads car was traveling in reverse if tail light on right rear was broken it appears to me right arm not match up to right tail light .

  3. The mete fact that the FBI is investigating the DA's office about this case is enough to show she was framed. And the investigation is still ongoing!
    Using leaf blower, solo cups, leave the scene open for anyone to tamper with, shows cover up.
    Key witnesses were not interviewed until a year or more later. No videos, audios during the interviews.

  4. I've learned more of case facts watching these videos than watching 14 days of trial testimony. So far the only thing we know for sure is they were all plastered and it was snowing.

  5. Please contact me Massachusetts child services set me up lied I proved it all And they still took my parental rights till she is 18 please help me

  6. If anybody has lived in Massachusetts for any amount of time they will know how corrupt law enforcement and the court system is. The FBI needs to do a full investigation on how Massachusetts court system operates. Massachusetts has one of the most corrupt court systems in this country

  7. hit by a reversing car would not have the speed and why no lower body injuries???? i assume he was a bigger guy so if hit he would have below the belt injuries. and no dog bites on his arm.

  8. Lawyer Lee I respect your opinion so much. Why do you think the prosecution is moving forward with this trial when there appear to be so many documented discrepancies between what the state says versus the defense. I don't get it. Thank you.

  9. Unemotional, respectful, professional discussion of the case. Some other youtubers who are in favor of Karen , are also very emorional which is their choice but it sometimes makes it difficult to understand what is going on.

  10. I still think she backed over him. Her taillight broke and was found on the ground. It was a suv that he was hit with. The defense is apparently to bring up anything to make her look as innocent as possible.

  11. Story is that paneling from basement walls was removed and placed in pool. Pool then filled with cement. House then sold. That’s interesting! Want more details about this, please.

  12. If the boyfriend has 2 black eyes isn’t that because someone broke his nose? If he was hit by the car, the care didn’t hit his nose. Make is make sense Boys!

  13. This was really interesting, thank you. I really wanted to hear an unbiased opinion, you did a great job of that.

    I don't know enough to feel either way about the case. Things I do know:

    K9s are taught to bite and hold, not chew an arm like An ear of Corn.

    My husband was hit by a car, him not being in a car; his injuries were from suddenly hitting the pavement and from the vehicle strike. His arm/ body looked exactly like the photos in this case: scratches, holes, glass, and pavement embedded in him. I would say the ground did at least half the damage. Thankfully my hubby had a helmet on. I would imagine the examiners found vehicle and ground pieces in John to test. Interested to hear the results.

    It is incredibly tough to find anything from an accident in a blizzard/ snowstorm. Finding pieces multiple times doesn't bother me with the whiteout conditions/ snow. Snow can cover up a ton of things! Example I have a kitchen sink in my yard, waiting for gardening, we recently had a 5”-6” storm, couldn't see it at all.

    The online search doesn't really bother me. I can see chatting with friends, drinking, worrying about kids outside, trying to persuade a teen to wear more clothes, like a coat and hat, for a car ride. Mine never want to do that; we always remind, what if you get in an accident or you need to help someone? I could easily see my friend and I asking each other and searching it to prove our point. It will be interesting to hear what the reason was.

    This is just sad all around. I’m very sorry for John’s friends, family, coworkers, most importantly the children. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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