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Warriors Rumors BEFORE NBA Free Agency: Andrew Wiggins TRADE Coming? Klay Thompson Leaving Warriors?

Golden State Warriors Today: Chase Senior is here to talk about the latest Golden State Warriors rumors going into NBA Free Agency. We have a new Klay Thompson update before Warriors free agency and Warriors trade rumors are heating up around an Andrew Wiggins trade.

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35 thoughts on “Warriors Rumors BEFORE NBA Free Agency: Andrew Wiggins TRADE Coming? Klay Thompson Leaving Warriors?

  1. Been a Warriors fan since 1973. I'm exhausted of watching the organization make horrible choices with draft picks, trades, who they pay. I'm done. F**k the Warriors .I'm following the talent to Dallas. Go Mavs.

  2. Wiggins and TJD for Durant then sign and trade Klay to LA for Russell. Thats about as good as it will get this offseason for the Warriors. Steph, Russell, Durant, Green, Looney, Kuminga, Moody, Podz, GP2 and a couple veteran depth pieces.

  3. How about sorry klay but no sign and trade. If he can't take a paycut after that huge contract while not playing, why help him give another team a bigger discount. Send him to Washington and get poole back

  4. Wiggins should be allowed to play in the Olympics – getting him in great shape for the nba season. Then keep him or trade him then. Last couple of seasons – he was depressed (dad sick) and he had a broken rib in the playoffs such that he was out of shape at the season’s start.

  5. He should’ve been traded last offseason when he still had value. Imagine what we could’ve got back trading Poole & Wiggins. Imagine if we offered the Bucks Wiggins, Poole, & Kuminga with picks for Giannis before they decided to trade for Dame. Or tried to get Myles Turner and Buddy Heild. Wiggins doesn’t have any value at this point

  6. they prioritizing wiggins trade value so he doesnt drop even more. need to trade wiggins. let kuminga get the quality minutes at 3 and let him go to work. heard rumors wiggins + etc for ayton, which sounds really good.

  7. How do we keep allowing Chat Sports to make content to leech of popular fan bases to make money while they read othe people’s articles? This company is a joke.

  8. Y.
    Yes 👍 on sign and trade KT with Dallas Mavericks. Max Kleber is 6 feet and 10 inches, according to Basketball 🏀 Reference. This is the minimum for what I would have as a center.

  9. wiggins should of been gone after the nosedive of a year after he became a allstar….like how the fuck do u dip that far down and stayed down. they should of traded him last year.

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