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Vinnie Politan Investigates: Text Messages & Timelines in Karen Read Trial

Court TV’s Vinnie Politan analyzes text messages in the case against #KarenRead. Plus, a look into the witnesses’ timelines surrounding the death of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe.

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30 thoughts on “Vinnie Politan Investigates: Text Messages & Timelines in Karen Read Trial

  1. The female apologists in these comments are insane. Let a man ask a female over for a drink and he's automatically a womanizing cheater but since there's a woman being scrutinized, they say it's ok to entertain other men if ONLY to boost their own ego because they're hurt. This is why no one takes American women seriously.

  2. Ms. Julie Grant i hope i don’t offend you, i enjoy your comments on court tv. However, I want to express a statement you addressed. If Karen was so worried, why didn’t she call 911, maybe we wouldn’t be in this courtroom today. Karen doesn’t know John is in trouble. You don’t call 911 because your boyfriend won’t answer the phone. Why would she call the police, when John is in a household surrounded with policemen?

  3. It would appear that charges should be brought against everyone in the Albert households. Obstruction or accessory to the she murder? Karen is innocent, but there needs to be justice for John okeefe and his family

  4. None of the stuff is actual physical, solid proof, just a bunch of hearsay a year, and a half later from a bunch of suspect individuals sadly something will never be found out like the mystery of life

  5. Vinnie. I am a Karen Read or was just like her and there are some facts that will not change unless someone is willing to accept the reality of what is not a "normal relationship " that show boating attorneys like to claim is. These lawyers who have one agenda to cast doubt and shame people because they need to win. They do not care about how their conspiracy theories attribute to continued disintegration of our United States justice system. I
    have been watching cases involving domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, and people not being held accountable. Including all levels of our courts, law enforcement, and citizens.
    I am one of those people who could've killed someone and still live with how I was spared what happens every week with people who will not stop driving drunk, fighting, and bullying.
    I really think if you actually have someone who is a Karen Read or a John O'Keefe, who actually survived almost being killed, rehabilitated, you may be able to bring people back to the real issues of a broken judicial system. I was held accountable and it will take the rest of my life to advocate for taking responsibility for those who don't have the mental capacity to accept reality, even when they cannot remember.

  6. Jen McCabe’s testimony, which I believe is truthful, states that Karen Read admitted hitting him! Like 3 times she stated to Jen….paraphrasing: “I hit him”. Full admission right there!! Why is this not being brought up over and over. My vote is GUILTY.

  7. The problem isnt if the commonwealth can win another case, its if an innnocent woman goes to jail.
    Whem i see people with a name and a plaeform dismiss all the things we all are seeing by watching the same trial it bothers me since it can and will be one of us some day, we might as well just plea. Come on.

  8. Vinny if this is the stuff you deemed important with Brian aHiggins whole testimony and sayy with a straight face you arent pushing for her to go jail regardless of her innocence based on the evidence is bs.

  9. The fact that there was no pictures of the taillight after the supposes murder and no video introduced of her going home amoung all those houses with little traffic that night waa not bad police work , it clearly was on purpose. This was the death of a cop and no pictures of the cars taillights.
    What offends me is the bery people I trusted to report to me on the case and its credibility to lock up guilty people are now the last ones I would want reporting on my case if I was truly innocent. Courious how after defense bring credible experts how these people arw going to discredit what they say on their channels. Common sense tells us he wasnt hit by a car and living life says shes innocent. What some people claim to be mounds of evidence when literally there should have been, but werent by some reason just floors me. You are not people to take serious when you say those people who lied, hid phones and deleted message, sold there house way under price, hhover around his family, did uup basement CONCRETE before selling and give away possible evidence or after that evidence comes into question are all actions of guilty with anyone else but cops. According to them they wouldnt be that stupid. Well clearly they are, it appears the guilty tend to act and panic the same.
    Also im no pro but i can easily put aside any bias when reviewing something.and i would think the vinny and Nancy's of the true crime world could do the same. Btw the testimony of Brian Higgins destroying info with an FBI machine and cutting up and seperating phone once asked to submit phone mattes and cant be over done by flirting messages. Its ridiculous to say thats not so bad and doesnt mean anything.

  10. John & Karen had issues already knew that They still went together to the bars & they were fine She probably deleted the messages when they made up this don't mean nothing Lally is just scraping for anything there was alot of calls because they were both fighting & I know from exspierience a woman usually sends alot of texts when a person is hurt Evidently they worked everything out cause they both went to the bar together, & the video at the bars shows Karen & John were hugging. & they both left together, & John rode with Karen so Karen could drop John off at the Alberts house & Karen was going home, This don't mean nothing. still doesn't have me convinced she hit John. Ĥis face & arm still doesn't explain how that happened, John still looks like he was beat up & attacted without a doubt & if John was hit by a vehicle as stated John would of had to have his face down by the back of the tail light Nothing explains how John's face was badly beaten Don't make sense to have been hit by a vehicle

  11. I think Karen was looking for attention from a man for whatever reason. Maybe because John was getting additional attention in Aruba. I will alway believe Karen LOVED John and if she happened to hit him( which I don’t believe she did) was a complete accident).
    I’m very concerned JO’s family will never get Justice. Putting Karen in Prison isn’t Justice.
    But I do believe his parents are standing behind the Blue line and I get that to some degree, I hope by now they’re starting to wonder a bit.

  12. She is rude in those text messages your boyfriend but the lawyers are saying that's typical boyfriend and girlfriend communication the lawyers live can a bubble you don't talk like that to your boyfriend unless there's domestic violence

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