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VERDICT WATCH: MA v. Karen Read Day 34, Killer Or Cover-Up Murder Trial

LIVE: MA v. #KarenRead – Day 34 – VERDICT WATCH – Deliberation enters its fourth day on Friday. Jurors have deliberated for close to fifteen hours. They are deciding whether Karen Read intentionally struck and killed her boyfriend, John O’Keefe, a Boston Police officer. If convicted, Read faces up to life in prison.

00:06:39 ON THE RECORD – MA v. Karen Read
03:09:45 Jury Question #3
06:42:18 Jury Request
07:15:04 Jury Deliberations Continue Monday

#CourtTV Catch up on all the facts of the case against #KarenRead, Killer Or Cover-Up #MurderTrial. ⚖️👇

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46 thoughts on “VERDICT WATCH: MA v. Karen Read Day 34, Killer Or Cover-Up Murder Trial

  1. Where is the justice for John O'Keefe? Who is consoling this family, after the devastating conclusion, for what ?
    Poor Mom, I just wanted to be able to bandage her heart !
    Now, what I will say is there is a God of Justice that knows even even a sparrow falls & knows the name of every star.

  2. As a former practicing attorney… having been subject personally to police corruption…and then seeing so many respectable anchors/journalists see the spade for spade ….like I do and all the reasonable doubt blaring. I think it would be very imprudent to retrial. Tax dollars misallocated even more with way way too much blaring reasonable doubt! Today is a good day for Karen! 🎉

  3. I can’t believe this jury let her walk away free. Even if it was an accident she was drunk and left the scene. How is it possible that she didn’t get charged with anything 🤦🏾‍♂️But then again when the house was sold and the dog removed, that was highly suspicious 😳

  4. I’m so over this trial. Yes, give her a fair trial, but the amount of money being spent and lastly the attention being given to the defendant is egregious. I feel bad for the O’Keefes 🙏

  5. This jury has to try and remember every single testimony. 70 something which is crazy. I can’t believe they can’t get the read back. They may be stuck with trying to remember exactly what the experts said.

  6. 4:0840 did Auntie say "mocked or marked?"
    When she says "saw" she pronounces it "sar" .
    When she says "yard" she pronounces it "yaud".
    When she says "car" she pronounces it "cau".
    Is she trying to confuse ppl? Get it together Massachusetts! We are in 2024, not 1724!
    Vowels are: i e o u
    Learn phonics. Does it confuse your "Smaut" tv, and your "Smaut" phones?

  7. Jurors are mostly finding her guilty as heck of murder but one holdout is a plant and is why read was so arrogant while trial!
    It could end up hung jury but hope they come together and realize the defense was all fake smokescreen of nothing! She clearly hit that cop with her car backing up fast and angry! Psycho scorned here! Only a narcissist psycho acts like she has and has zero compassion for the victim! I see right through her! So do some jurors!

  8. John Okeefe is the most important part of this trial. Jurors responsibility is to voice a verdict for him. The jurors no doubt can not agree if Karen Read premeditated or accidentally hit and ran. No matter how much money is spent on spinning this case in the media, sooner or later truth prevails. We have the best justice system in the world.

  9. I believe people with non relevant and respect evidence facts logic will believe she is guilty! She Killed! Don't understand what is wrong with this world. Bad cop conduct is only distraction But She did it! Solid. So much so I guess there are huge intimidation involved. There is a video The Karen supporters gathered to celebrate Lucky was a Hero" with applause after his testimony. Imagine what would happen to Lucky if he said something not pleasing.Those wearing green or pink are feeling insane and scary for sure They are bad guys to me. I hope jury can open eyes wider and vote "guilty". Justice for John who met the wrong woman. Comment from Canada.

  10. It will be a hung jury. The prosecution over shot the top indictment and the lesser charges. Hard to say whether they will try this again. If the money is run dry, no but if the money is deep in this jurisdiction, they might want to
    replace the D.A. in this case. Manslaughter should have been the top charge. The puncture marks on Johns arms do add up to reasonable dog bites. You don't get those from a tail light on a SUV.

  11. The only thing Karen Read is guilty of, was drinking which all of them did so and making a fool of herself. It stands to reason and logical what was told in Court by the FBI investigators, that vehicle is clearly not involved with whatsoever'd happened to John. It didn't take an expert to convince me that his arm are injuries that involve a animal. That stuck out big time. Yet, I think something bad happened in that basement. Whatever it was, it got out of hand and it's taking a lot of them people to protect the source. Someone's EGO got out of hand and alcohol not only corrupts the ego it damages the normality of the brain, period. People say and do things they normally wouldn't. NOT GUILTY

  12. Read is sooo guilty. She knew what she was doing. She hit him purposefully because she was angry. Read thought Mr. O’Keefe was seeing someone else. If there is a God in heaven she will be found guilty.

  13. I feel sorry for all the Karen supporters who thought the defense had this case in the bag. I’m sure you all were expecting an instantaneous NG verdict. 😂Sorry, Turtleboy and all of your minions.

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