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VERDICT WATCH: MA v. Karen Read Day 32, Killer Or Cover-Up Murder Trial

LIVE: MA v. #KarenRead – Day 32 – VERDICT WATCH – Jury deliberations continue for a second day on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the jury of six men and six women deliberated for two and a half hours before Judge Cannone sent them for the evening.

00:00:00 On the Record: MA v Karen Read Day 32
00:01:30 Jury Enters Courtroom
00:02:05 Jury Question
00:46:44 Verdict Clock Paused at 5hr 39mins
00:53:13 Back On the Record: MA v Karen Read Day 32
03:39:55 Back On the Record: Verdict Clock Paused

#CourtTV Catch up on all the facts of the case against #KarenRead, Killer Or Cover-Up #MurderTrial. ⚖️👇

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28 thoughts on “VERDICT WATCH: MA v. Karen Read Day 32, Killer Or Cover-Up Murder Trial

  1. Why are so many people thinking that the jury should of made their decisions in less than an hour whats the matter if you think that she is so innovative what are you so worried about

  2. Who is left for Karen and her fans to blame this has gotten way out of hand to where people that believe that Karen is guilty are being harrassed inclusive johns immediate family she stirred all of this bs to get the heat off of her and it seems to be working character is everything and Karen doesn't have any class at all out there smiling with her fans while John family suffers I haven't even heard her show any tears or sadness she made sure that Noone else could have John by her drunken outburst when she rammed into John because she was so jealous that he wanted to spend some time with his friends after they left the bar it doesn't make no sense that she keeps calling and texting hi. After she
    Dropped him off hes a big boy ìm sure that he could of gotten home by himself also why was John found with the same 🍸 glass that jhe left Karen's car with why would he still have the same glass didn't they give him a new glass or drink if he went into the house give me a break hey Karen why don't you go out to your fans and tell them to leave johns family alone but you wonder cuz you are a selfish narcissist person you should be ashamed of yourself speaks alot for your character

  3. If anyone in the world buys the "holy-cost moo's smoke chambers" evidence back from WWII you can sell these ignorant pee-pull ANYTHING ! period (.) End Of Story… Not Guilty, LEAVE Real Human Being ALONE…

  4. I wonder if the judge shows up, on 'verdict day', in her tennis outfit. I wouldn't even vote for this judge for a pie-eating contest.

  5. So you mean to tell me that she may walk free after being drunk and leaving the scene? Yes the cops are shady but there’s no way they framed this. That would be waaay too much work. I’d love to see her smiling arrogant face if she’s found guilty of all charges!

  6. Having worked hundreds if not thousands of traffic crashes as a Trooper and police officer this is ridiculous. First of all being impaired would eliminate any murder charge. This looks just like a set up. To prove OUI you must have a witness which does not exist. All charges should be not guilty.

  7. After all this evidence it is very clear she is innocent. Karen shouldn't be on trial. The Alberts, McCabes, police man Proctor are the true villians & hopefully wilk be held accountable. I'll even throw the Judge into the mix of very shady. God knows Truth & eventually they will be held accountable on Judgement day.

  8. Wow, there should have been a gag order on this case. That's why all this conspiracy nonsense came from, by AJ out running his big mouth.

  9. I think Karen killed him but accidently. She was drunk and angry. Even one of her lawyers (Yanetti) admitted it was an accident pre-trial. Also, I think Jackson took a huge risk bedding down the conspiracy theory. He should have stuck to reasonable doubt. Don't you wish you were there over the road with your phone on video to know the truth?

  10. I hope they take the time they need to assess all the evidence.
    Someone was murdered. Another may go to prison for a long time should they be found guilty. The real killer/killers may still be out there if they get it wrong.
    If I were the jurors, I'd take my sweet sweet time to take such a decision.

  11. Proctor said he was sorry for the bad name calling, but can you blame him? Karen murdered a good cop and laughed about it. She really is a wack job. The investigation did not change because of one cops opinion. If that were the case, no crimes would be solved. Proctors hopefully forgiven behavior had no bearing on the facts of the case. We all miss it at times. And we all say things in private to our spouses and close friends we don't want anyone to hear to vent. No crime was done here, and his personal life should never have come into play. Proctor might have had an opinion but he did nothing wrong. Venting frustration has nothing to do with committing crimes like planting evidence to frame someone. I guarantee you Proctor is a good honest cop.After all do you blame him for being upset at someone who just carelessly killed a good cop and fellow colleague and friend of yours. You bet I would feel and do the same as Proctor. I think all of us would. But we're not criminals and don't commit crimes. We're law abiding citizens and like Proctor are human. We all make mistakes and should be forgiven. If Gid forgave us for our sins and bad behavior we should forgive one another. Proctor is forgiven in my book but did no crime.

  12. 6/27/28 They were all DUI the night of the incident! CW, couldn’t even prove injuries were related to being hit by a vehicle! Ridiculous, included on form for jurors to choose that option, joke!

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