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9 thoughts on “VERDICT WATCH: Day 2 of jury deliberations in the Karen Read murder trial.

  1. Proctor said he was sorry for the bad name calling, but can you blame him? Karen murdered a good cop and laughed about it. She really is a wack job. The investigation did not change because of one cops opinion. If that were the case, no crimes would be solved. Proctors hopefully forgiven behavior had no bearing on the facts of the case. We all miss it at times. And we all say things in private to our spouses and close friends we don't want anyone to hear to vent. No crime was done here, and his personal life should never have come into play. Proctor might have had an opinion but he did nothing wrong. Venting frustration has nothing to do with committing crimes like planting evidence to frame someone. I guarantee you Proctor is a good honest cop.After all do you blame him for being upset at someone who just carelessly killed a good cop and fellow colleague and friend of yours. You bet I would feel and do the same as Proctor. I think all of us would. But we're not criminals and don't commit crimes. We're law abiding citizens and like Proctor are human. We all make mistakes and should be forgiven. If Gid forgave us for our sins and bad behavior we should forgive one another. Proctor is forgiven in my book but did no crime.

  2. Why are y’all not doing F.O.I.A request on past cases of defendants having that same bogus JURY FORMS!. This act by the judge and the DA is prosecutorial misconduct and public corruption. They tried to violate KR right to a fair trial how many others have they violated UNCHECKED.

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