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VERDICT WATCH: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 34

Karen Read is accused of driving drunk and hitting her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, before leaving him to die in January 2022. Read is now facing several charges, including second-degree murder for the death of O’Keefe. Read claims that she is the victim of a massive frame-up by state and local police.

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30 thoughts on “VERDICT WATCH: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 34

  1. Is Lally in La-La Land? The jury informs them that they've exhausted all possibilities, but Lally uses language like "it's FAR FAR FAR too early…". If after 4 days of getting nowhere, how long does he want to hold them captive with hopes that the honest ones will give in and come around to a conviction? The Massachusetts police and legal systems are soooo messed up!

  2. As soon as the judge made a direct statement to Karen it should have been mistrial under prejudice of defendant all the smirk she gave through out(the judge) be more professional

  3. Why do I have this feeling that there’s 1-2 jurors (male or female doesn’t matter) who are from Canton, probably born and raised in Mass. that don’t like KR and her fancy LA attorney. IMO there’s no other explanation; perhaps there’s a feeling that Canton and the Mass state police are being unfairly maligned and discredited?

  4. I can’t imagine the Jury being deadlocked? What evidence could possibly convince a juror of her guilt?!? Listening to the whole trial it was obvious there is so much the defense presented that would lead to reasonable doubt. Would love to hear from the jurors who are voting guilty …

  5. Why is the judge allowed to do this case if there is conflict of interest. If they fimd her guiltily….because of the conflict of interest….shes gonna end up walking evenrually. I hope she does and i hope this judge retires. Just nasty.

  6. Guilty, the morgue doc just identified the wounds to the statements . Proof she was intoxicated? She got drunk and killed her husband for absolutely nothing . That's guilty. She doesn't remember because she was drunk .Of course her sober state of mind did not it was her intoxicated one . Guilty. Regret . All on her face .

  7. Hos long to die in cold Jen McCabe 2.24 a.m if Karen is found guilty on this woman's testimony it will be a huge miscarriage of justice.

  8. It is absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking the way the late John O'Keefe's family are being treated by that unruly mob – the family have behaved in a dignified manner compared to the defendant and her mob 🙁

  9. Jury if you’re reading, Karen Read is GUILTY, the evidence against her is overwhelming! This conspiracy / cover up theory is akin to saying the moon landings didn’t happen! The Defense are using bots to influence people who aren’t the brightest bulbs out there, let’s face it. KR left John out there, not once but twice as her GPS data clearly shows she returned to the scene of the crime. She is a cold, narcissistic woman leaving her bf of two years to die a painful death out there alone in the snow for 5 hours. She went straight into self preservation mode, leaving fake voicemails on his phone within minutes of leaving the crime scene saying “No one knows where you are” even
    though she hadn’t called anybody at this point to find out where he was! John was so close to getting out of this relationship, his niece & nephew testified to this, but the ultimate Karen just wouldn’t let him go. It’s not always just the women who suffer in relationships you know. GUILTY of Murder in the second degree, anything less will be a travesty of justice.

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