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VERDICT WATCH: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 31

Karen Read is accused of driving drunk and hitting her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, before leaving him to die in January 2022. Read is now facing several charges, including second-degree murder for the death of O’Keefe. Read claims that she is the victim of a massive frame-up by state and local police.

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30 thoughts on “VERDICT WATCH: Boyfriend Cop Murder Trial – MA v. Karen Read – Day 31

  1. F you prosecution for going after Karen again. You guys failed. You didn't get the verdict you wanted so your going to drag her through another trial. Your nothing but COWARDS !!!!

  2. DUI motor vehicle homicide. I sincerely believe that she doesn't remember what happened. She was blacked out drunk – that doesn't make her not guilty. I just honestly don't think she remembers. That's why she kept saying things like "I might have hit him" out loud! & she kept calling him on the phone. DUI vehicular manslaughter or homicide is my guess. Or a hung jury/mistrial.

  3. Now people are blaming relatives on the jury paid for jurors etc please stop when does the conspiracies theory end and of course the judge the butcher the baker the candle stick maker when is this going to end guilty Manslaughter nothing more nothing less

  4. Let me guessing when Karen said she hit him it was like the movie my cousin Vinnie I shot the clerk I shot the clerk give me a break she did it why would she call john numeric times after she had just dropped him off and asking where are you at when she is the one that drops him off thinking that Noone saw her she tried to tell Jen McCain that she didn't drop him off in which Jen replied I saw you drop him off busted what was Karen trying to hide gives you something to think about

  5. Question. Did the defense ever say how pieces from her taillight got on the yard. Why would she question herself about hitting him. She said did I hit him or could I have hit him.

  6. Prosecution – so awkward. 😖 Is there something about this town that makes it difficult for most people who live there to breathe?

  7. There is zero chance Karen will be found guilty. In no way did the prosecution prove their case. Most of the prosecution’s witnesses seemed to be uncomfortable on the stand and lying through their teeth.
    Furthermore, the defense has provided so much evidence leading to reasonable doubt. Officer O’Keefe’s death reeks of a cover up.

  8. Scientific data didnt help murdaugh when it should have been enough proof he didn't do it but they character attacked him so hard allowing financial crimes in so jury were bitter about that… should he be in jail forever for those absolutely.. do i think he killed his family? No

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