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VERDICT: MA v Karen Read | Killer Or Cover-Up Murder Trial

After nearly 26 hours of deliberations, the jury is still at an impasse and the judge declared a MISTRIAL in MA v. #KarenRead.

#CourtTV – Is this justice?

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20 thoughts on “VERDICT: MA v Karen Read | Killer Or Cover-Up Murder Trial

  1. She shouldn't get so excited. Betty Broderick had a mistral the first time, too. The State Of Massachusetts is not going to let this go. They are going to retry her, and when they do, she will be found guilty .

  2. "Individual principals and moral convictions." this is precisely why they couldn't come to a unanimous decision. The rule of law is that juries must decide based on the evidence, not personal beliefs or convictions. They took an oath to evaluate the evidence objectively, and to not allow personal principals or moral judgement to guide their decision making process. Clearly some of them didn't take their oath seriously. The principal is "It's better to let 10 guilty people go free than to wrongly convict one innocent person." so Juries are instructed to err on the side of caution, so that if there is any doubt about guilt, they should acquit, rather than risk convicting an innocent person. How can anyone possibly vote to convict in this case if they are following the rule of law and instructions given? The note say's it all.

  3. I felt from the start there wasn't enough evidence to convict. The police didn't do themselves any favors by texting vicious gossip about the defendant. It made me believe that they did stich her up. It wouldn't be the first time they have done that and send innocent people to prison, and even to execution. I don't trust them at all.

  4. I had a feeling the verdict was gonna be either not guilty or a mistrial. As the jury wrote on the paper, a lot of the evidence, along with state testimonies, made no sense with the story the investigators came up with.

  5. My heart breaks for Mrs O Keefe. Can you imagine sitting there crying your heart out inside and weeping for your son, whilst these people are standing a few feet away from you…acting jubilant and laughing, hugging each other, thumbs up ( Karen’s father) in some phoney display of victory? They didn’t win anything. Nobody won! My god! Don’t these people have any compassion or dignity? Playing it up for the court cameras. These are not decent people. I’ve held no opinion of guilt or otherwise whilst watching this trial, but behaving like this in front on this old lady is just beyond cruel. Absolutely no excuse for it. I believe in fait, karma and natural justice, and if there’s a heaven above, this woman should be punished. Before the new trial begins, with an old guy, no nonsense judge and a fierce prosecutor, Karen Read would be advised to take a lesser plea, which is what she should have done before her ego and celebrity status got the better of her.

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