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UEFA to investigate Bellingham gesture | Ronaldo reprieved as Portugal beat Slovenia | Back Pages

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Martyn Ziegler and Henry Winter discuss the Back Pages of tomorrow’s newspapers including Jude Bellingham being investigated by UEFA over gestures made after scoring against Slovakia as well as France and Portugal making the Euro 2024 quarter-finals.

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27 thoughts on “UEFA to investigate Bellingham gesture | Ronaldo reprieved as Portugal beat Slovenia | Back Pages

  1. People forget Southgate was a defender a very boring to watch but efficient defender no flashy passes or tackles jus a basic but get the job done player so as a manger he's jus doin what he got taught as a player and the forward line has been basic n let's be honest pretty boring on attack even of England win yhe next 3 games and that's very possible Southgate time has come to an end a new manager with attack n scoring goals a priority will come in because knockout football is about putting the ball in the goal but the talent is there its jus not making the best of the talent

  2. RELAX – it's just a ☆Brummie War Sign. "Judes got big balls & i cannot lie". Set to the black rap music of "I like big butt's & I cannot lie". Watch the Friends show clip of Rachel dancing to it. So funny!

    Big Sam & Steve Bruce & Gary Neville were spot on – that A- we were much better with 3 CBs & 2 Wingbacks.
    That B- Foden & Trippiers own goal off side was awful in KO's. Usually a 99% game loser. Phil & KT are off it. They also messed up a free kick from a nice spot & messed up lots of lefty goal cresting over-laps by going inside with slow tired passing. They can't cope with KO pressure which whereas Jude & Trent & Palmer & Gordon & Rice & Kobbie enjoy it. The more the pressure the more they love it.

    So Don't bash sweet bee 🐝 Jude & Harry & Gareth (who probably said a nice prayer & then decided to keep both on when they were v tired) & sweet 🐝 Jude delivered the honey (but Foden can't do it without ManC's 115 FFP con tricks funded expensive team & thier big squad rotations). Is Phil this generations Jimmy Greaves. Can't get it done in hot humid summer tournament's but is great in the cool autumn & spring months?
    So Cmon 3 🦁 fans, help Gareth sort the left side out by doing yo prayers & meditations. Stop the bashing as it feels like 1966 with
    Trent = Bobby Moore
    Jude = Bobby Charlton
    Harry = Roger Hunt
    Palmer = Sir Geoff Hurst
    Kobbie = Nobbie
    Rice = Alan Ball
    Toney = Jeff Astle
    Gordon = Martin Peters
    Stokes = Jack Charlton
    Walker = Ray Wilson
    Guehi = Cohen
    Saka = Armfield

  3. East african community sounds and looks like it's self ..I don't see eny developments since it started …the one stop border post that started has not been implemented in same borders 😅😅
    My question is why are interstate cards functional among only three countries ..Kenya , uganda and Rwanda where as same countries are entitled to use temporary travel documents???

  4. Dear UEFA, don’t think of a pink elephant, don’t think of a pink elephant………We will all be grabbing our nuts next game, because you made it popular NOT Jude, UEFA sharing what was unseen. 😳🤔

  5. Your fawning over JB is quite sweet to see, but for all that he is and could become, he has a responsibility to maintain a positive image. A distasteful private gesture for his friends should be made privately. Not on a global stage. But yes, a wrap on the knuckles is all it deserves.

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