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25 thoughts on “Trooper Michael Proctor reads personal text messages in Karen Read murder trial

  1. The man said what he said, it's too horrific for your fine news show to repeat? Is your audience 3 years old?

    Is your news organization juveniles?

    It's astonishing you tolerate behavior from police in your state that you can't even repeat on the air.

    He said what he said. Jesus.

    Why does your "news organization" have to tiptoe around what one of the most powerful people in your "commonwealth" said?

    I'm more than beside myself.

  2. In am postive that this is more proof that our government needs to go from the top to the bottom. The only reason this girl didnt go to prison without another word being said is because she had money. The cops were ok with throwing this beautiful girls life away to comer up their buddies crime.

  3. I'm sorry, I've done my best to conform to all the media, social media, the overwhelming outspoken supporter, but no matter what, if I woke up in the morning and my bf wasn't in bed my first thought A wouldn't be that I hit him, b. Wouldn't be that I wouldn't be seeing my friends again, and I sure as heck wouldn't call a lawyer less than 24 hrs after he was pronounced dead.

  4. …and he makes a rude comment about Read’s Fall River accent? Does he think he has no commentable accent that anywhere out of his state would be unusual? This guy is a real piece of work!!

  5. Evil people using her health against her to make her look bad not swimming with them or needing her own bathroom for privacy….. you scumbag proctor

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