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33 thoughts on “This Klay Thompson News is Insane

  1. Aaaaand the Warriors just waived Chris Paul. This eliminates his salary from being traded for a star but reports say Andrew Wiggins could be traded and they can now use the full $13M MLE to sign a free agent. Chris Paul is joining Victor Wembanyama and the San Antonio Spurs. 1 year, $11M.

  2. So, Klay got Paid for Playing NOTHING for Two Years and now he wants to leave the Warriors and wants a Max Contract? He should be thankful for the Warriors for paying him for playing nothing for two years how is he gonna answer that huh? He Always looks like Money, I dont care if he leaves the Warriors ! God Damn Warriors is gonna lose money because of Thompson! Also Warriors will Waived Chris Paul Warriors said, Its just HeartBreaking because of Klay well… its the end of the Splash Bros Era. 😢

  3. The saddest part about this, is it shows that Curry and Klay aren’t nearly as close as they used to be, and that’s why it’s the end of the splash brothers. They went from being almost equals, to it becoming Currys team after Klay got injured and KD left for Brooklyn. It seems like ever since then, Klay has been bitter about his role on the Warriors, and how the fans were perceiving him. He went from being praised alongside Curry, to constantly being questioned, and I think now he feels he needs to prove he can win without Curry, similar to how KD felt.

  4. 6:36 – "Can you imagine Klay hitting a big shot in the Western Conference Final, in a different uniform?"
    Actually, I couldn't have imagined Klay going 0 for 10 in his last game as a Warrior. If Klay feels dissed he might want to reflect on that.

  5. Let's be realistic. Tatum got a champion for the Celtics and got a max contract extension. Klay with 0 points in an elimination game and wanted a big contract? I have no idea what the mavs are doing paying Klay this much

  6. Klay must be a "Feeler" type so the Dubs should have known that and made concessions. VW looks like Feeler, too. The Spurs will make sure to keep the next GOAT appeased b/c VW is "better" than Klay Thompson, right?

  7. That man scored 70 points on 11 dribbles he should get top dollar for the rest of his career honestly man just had one bad playoffs & Mike Dunleavy hates em so y’all gonna go with the narrative he washed Nigga really should’ve sat last year & healed all the way up

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