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27 thoughts on “The reason KD left the Warriors 😳 #shorts

  1. kd is better than draymond by alot and if they retire his jersey that is unacceptable kd left because of the worst team player ever Green

  2. I’m not a basketball fan, but I feel intuitively that Golden states would have been a better team if they kicked Dreymond out and let Kevin stay, and I also feel like Dreymond is the type of guy to be envious seeing a guy like KD succeed in anything, I’m just speaking based on what I’ve been seeing from the few YouTube shorts I’ve been watching.

  3. They dont need that win because they already know who's the Mvp on that game and they cannot tell that they don't need KD on the team because of all the championship KD was the MVP , but if all of KD score will deducted every game they will have a win in all season!!!

  4. As A huge warrior fan I have grown tired of DG's can't still do oh "he's just got alot of heart" at this point. Here we are years later and literally pulling the same bs.

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