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The Karen Read murder trial, a timeline of events

Over two years ago, Karen Read was charged with manslaughter in the death of a her boyfriend, a Boston police officer who was found unresponsive outside of a home over the weekend.

Officer John O’Keefe was found outside during Saturday’s blizzard-like conditions in Canton.

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25 thoughts on “The Karen Read murder trial, a timeline of events

  1. What gets me is why wouldn’t a judge just go ahead and step down. Even if it’s not true just to do away with the belief that it is. She makes the same amount of money whether she tries this case or if she doesn’t. In my opinion it makes her look like it’s true by not stepping down.

  2. It makes complete sense why she would google how long someone can survive in the cold. She was frantically trying to call her boyfriend, she knew something was wrong. She feared the worst, and she was right.

  3. She's not even in shock. No emotion or anything. Yeah, she was REALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM. I call BS. I'm not saying she was the only one involved. That stale gremlin face says she knows something

  4. Are we supposed to believe she hit him hard enough to kill him? She was barely moving while backing up. What’s the explanation for the dog marks? And where’s the dog now? Oh, that’s right, they got rid of their beloved pet right after.

  5. If Karen said what they said she’s saying, that’s not guilty of murder. That’s an accident. If SHE caused an ACCIDENT, why would everyone else cover their bases? There’d be no need to cover anything up. But, they did. That’s where the waters get muddy. Cops wouldn’t feel the need to erase messages etc if it was Karen that had hit him.

  6. This happens when you black out from over drinking alcohol even if your innocent your guilty of being irresponsible. Should you go to prison? Hell ya!! But I’m not the jury. She does have weird smirk and the eye roll …well😮

  7. I’m telling ya , these witnesses and police that investigated this have got to be the dumbest. I wonder what the departments that these witnesses/police officers/ATF agent work for think of them .

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