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‘The BEST GAME OF MY LIFE!’ 🥇 Diogo Costa ⚽ Portugal 0-0 Slovenia (Pens 3-0)

Portugal goalkeeper Diogo Costa spoke after he played a pivotal role in Portugal’s penalty shootout win over Slovenia in the round of 16 at Euro 2024.

Diogo Costa says he played the game of his life as he saved all three of Slovenia’s penalties to save Portugal from an early Euros exit.

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Timeline courtesy of Warrior J93
0:00 Intro
0:35 Sesko Chance
1:21 Was this Costa game of his life?
1:47 Before Penalty Shootout
2:00 Penalty Shootout
2:59 Confidence
4:12 “The most important thing is the work you put in”
5:04 Saving Penalty
6:07 Cristiano Ronaldo
7:30 Outro | Please like the video and subscribe!

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22 thoughts on “‘The BEST GAME OF MY LIFE!’ 🥇 Diogo Costa ⚽ Portugal 0-0 Slovenia (Pens 3-0)

  1. Martinez dont listen to the haters especially the British press the least trusted media in Europe and do not make the previous coach Fernandes Santos mistake in the World Cup vs Morocco .The press pressured even the traitors Portuguese press convinced the national coach to drop Cristiano Ronaldo that the team would be better without him and we got screwed big time there was no leadership no ideas.

    A coach who left Cristiano Cancelo Vitinha Leao out of the initial 11 and we got done because he had a point to prove to the haters that he is not afraid of making tough decisions and drop big names but at the end the jokes were on him he was just a puppet by the time he decide to correct his mistake was all done and dusted…
    A reminder for many Portugal started with Felix, Ramos, B Fernandes at front Bernardo Silva Midfield with two other irrelevant players at the back Dalot Pepe Dias Guerreiro they had everything to prove themselves without Ronaldo to show the leadership at the highest level of pressure and the players crumbled like the England team now lots of talent pace skill but no true leader among them just individuals and thats what Cristiano Ronaldo brings a true leader a proven winner with elite mentality and that cannot be taught you actually need to be exceptional like Cristiano has done for over 10 years to be feared by opposition and admired by millions…The only player Portugal has that has taste success is Bernardo Silva with City and still is not on Cristiano level of success .

    I praise martinez for sticking with his selection and ignore the outside noise and the haters pundits .
    Lets go Portugal i loved the unity you guys showed against a extremely defensive team.
    In this euro at this level whoever scores first thats it they will defend till the end as such there is no space for mistakes .We trust and we walk with you our leader and captain Cristiano Ronaldo and we trust Martinez guidance and wisdom.

  2. After this what happened for sure next season will be not in Porto anymore.Not much goalkeepers can do this.And this man its young he has big opportunity and future for sure.Good luck Diogo the best goalkeeper in this Euro 2024.

  3. how does these journalists ask how did you feel at the moments when winger is 1 v 1 with you .. wtf you dont feel nothing .. you just need to stop that ..

  4. As a Dutchie i have to say what a amazing goalkeeper this is. Let's not forget the way he stopped the ball also when Pepe lost from Sesko. The way he was scanning the striker was amazing. And the penalties…such amazing wotk he did. This goalkeeper can read body language. Portugal is blessed with Diogo. Congrats Portugal 🙏💥

  5. its difficult to break the bus
    CZH and SLN gave hard time for portugal
    France vs portugal and spain vs Germany are going to be epic games
    quality and atatcking football all around

  6. Quite annoying as a Portuguese that they keep bringing up Cristiano as he's everything that defines Portugal, he is definitly not a bad player but Portugal still has Bernardo, J. Felix, Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Costa, I believe all of those names should be brought up WAY before CR7 comes up.

  7. Remember this guy being comppwtely out of his depth a few years ago against liverpool

    Nice to see that hes becoming one of the best goalkeepers in the world now

  8. This man alone saved the team from certain defeat, 4 times in that game – if not more.
    Unfortunately with that performance this team cannot win against France.

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