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Switzerland vs. Italy Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024 | Round of 16

Check out the greatest moments and plays in this Round of 16 matchup between Switzerland and Italy.

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Switzerland vs. Italy Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024 | Round of 16

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28 thoughts on “Switzerland vs. Italy Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024 | Round of 16

  1. Italy thought they were playing an exhibition game. They had no character, no hunger or desire to compete. The swiss team kicked ⛹‍♂their you know what. I didn't lose one night of sleep.
    If this is the team that is going to the world cup were cooked, were done.👎

  2. What a shame, this italian team needs improvement. Just bring back the squad from 2021, put mancini back as head coach (put spalleti as another coach), and put balotelli back. Then we would win a world cup.

  3. In Italy we all ashamed of this team . Eccept goal keeper and couples of jew players that did ok . The rest dishonored the history of azzurri .
    Switzerland isnt that geeat …now they think they are ..but azZurri this team never played a single game well ..not even mediocre . Worst team ever in history. Congratulations Switzerland but still have way to go before can play ever a semifinal.

  4. I swear to God, this woman here is so annoying completely ruined the game for me one she has the most annoying skin crawling voice second she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. I seen two of her comments. She said what a lovely pass twice and there was nowhere near a lovely pass. It did not even complete. It was horrible, but she kept saying lovely to everything who hired her.??? I’m sick and tired of these Godless communist liberals always having to stick their their poison in everything

  5. Loro avevano piu' ritmo 🤣🤣🤣 ,questa frase amatoriale sara' ricordata nella storia del calcio. Spalletti e' da oratorio o calcio dilettanti. Tutti gli altri allenatori sanno che Spalletti e' un pagliaccio del calcio. Lui e' nello spettro, la sua comunicazione sconfusionata e' il primo indizio.
    Se non ce ne liberiamo subito, dopo l'eliminazione per i prossimi mondiali sara' uno zimbello a vita per il mondo del calcio.

  6. Maybe the flag colors red white and green are the worst of luck … I’m Mexican and see the resemblance … both teams played terrible 😂

  7. Amazing how the Swiss Coach Yakin Murat pulled through – despite the most unfair ongoing critique of the Swiss media bullhorn Blick. None of those media bullies – who used since months the Swiss team as their "cash cow" to bad mouth everybody as entertainment for those viewers and listeners that always go where the bad mouthers' are.
    Not one of the media losers finds the words to say "sorry" and finally give him the recognition he deserves.

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