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Steph Curry try to console Klay Thompson and he ignores Steph. Klay Struggling this season.

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35 thoughts on “Steph Curry try to console Klay Thompson and he ignores Steph. Klay Struggling this season.

  1. When someone close to you and neglects you like that is really sad. I know he is having a hard time but this doesn’t give you right to disregard bond and friendship.

  2. idk what he been through , he has mental problems now, from the way he didnt want toss back with curry its showing he cant handle his emotion or pain anymore , give him time fellas

  3. The most of you guys simply don't understand how mentally hard it is to realise and accept that in your game you're not able anymore to do what you easily used to do, just because your body abandoned you. You feel aimless and powerless and it takes a lot of courage to get that you're not in the zone anymore. I don't blame Klay, I just feel sorry for him and hope he'll eventually manage to go thru this hard situation he's in at the moment. He gave us a lot and his years as a Warrior have been a blessing, a joy and a huge fun for basketball fans all around the world. Big love to him

  4. Kerr and Klay are the reasons the Warriors lose unnecessarily. Kerr refuse to play the players that can compete with the younger and more aggressive opponents. And Klay refuse to realize, he doesn’t have it anymore at the 3 point line, and develop his game more in the paint.

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