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37 thoughts on “State Police Sgt. Yuriy Bukhenik says key Ring video evidence was missing in Karen Read case

  1. I think Brian Albert beat him to death and his dog bit him if you think about it the body was covered in blood he had a broken nose he was beaten and had dog bites on his arms his hands were swollen Brian got rid of the dog dug up his basement floor sold the house for below the market value and moved away this all points to him

  2. She deleted the ring cam of her arrival to John house after what she did to John then reactivated the ring cam to capture her intentionally tapping john vehicle.Theres no tailight debris on on ground because it was already broken after she struck john.i a drujrn rage and left him to die in the cold. justice for John

  3. If the defense and the cop killer Karen Read get away with their crimes in this case, then all decent Americans and police must create protection squads and justice forums to restore law and order in our local communities.

  4. Only Karen Read has a motive to delete the Ring camera footage because it only implicates Karen Read. Only Karen Read had access to the Ring camera footage or someone in the defense team who was able to hack in to John's account. The Israeli corporation Cellebrite that fraudulently reportedly the second Google search would certainly have the ability to hack into John's account.

  5. WHY NOT Show him lying about the sallyport video? Attorney Mark Bedrow row said that our court system in our Norfolk is completely corrupt absolutely disgraceful โ€ฆdischarge this prosecutor ..he is an embarrassment he knew that that footage was altered and he still presented it that is egregious .

  6. AJ: Bukkhaki, did you make any efforts to secure the crime scene?

    Lally: Objection

    Judge Canolli: Sustained.

    Lally: Love you your honor

    Judge Canolli: Love you too booโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

  7. You didnt report on the fact the cops flipped the sally port video to make it look like the passenger side was visible when in fact it was the drivers side….and time is missing out of it

  8. you are now one of the biggest accomplices in deceiving the people of the commonwealth. People like Jack Williams are turning over in his grave with what 4,5 are and 7 are now . Once the boomers are gone, you will have NOBODY to turn to for customers .

  9. This guy never went to the "crime scene" that was just nearby in the 1st few hours (some experts). No pictures of the Lexus when he arrived at Read's parents. His phone call to the med examiner mentioned a fight after HE SAW John's body, but he never followed up on the evidence that HE SAW, but quickly drove to the Read's residence.
    There are so many missing video fragments on the Sally port videos and it is clear the time stamps were tampered with. Also, why mislead the jury and show the left side of the car, while you're all congregating on the side we can't see?
    How about John Okeefe's clothes that were left to dry with untested blood? Was it just his blood or also someone else's?
    I really wanna believe that there's no cover up but man oh man, what a flunked investigation. Or was it done on purpose to frame someone.

  10. The most key day for the Defense to cross examine and question about the physical evidence, the ONLY things linking Karen Read to the crime, and the judge only gives them a half day to question before calling it quits for the day? This gives the the State a chance to regroup & recover form a bad day of testimony. This is CLEARLY a judge trying to protect her friends, just like allowing all the objections without citing the reasons she is allowing it.

  11. Just when one might think Miss Read could be in some kind of trouble, there comes Mr. Jackson to crush Sgt Bukhenik'sย 
    credibility and to show Trooper Proctor's level ofย  corruption.

    While Mr Lally presents a pretty picture of events, everythingย  being perfect and objecting to everything from the defense side with the judge agreeing with him 99.9 % of the times, the defense with a couple of questions shows him this isn't over yet. Can't wait for the jury to deliver that NOT GUILTY VERDICT.

  12. That's incorrect – the defense certainly didn't struggle! Ha! Also, it was during testimony by Officer Okeefs' niece/nephew that KR had no access to ring cameras.

  13. Yeah right. Whatever. Heโ€™s a cop and usually cops are criminal. As for ring camera cops totally have access to all footage since Amazon gives them access.

  14. he lied when asked about the sally port video today. yesterday, he identified himself and Proctor as the first two individuals seen. Lally even handed him a laser pointer and he circled himself at the front of the car and Proctor at the back.

    today, after realizing the video was mirrored, he said that he never identified anyone and that he wasnโ€™t certain who was who. dude, its on tv. we all saw you do it. if you lie this blatantly on public television, what do you do behind closed doors?

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