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Slovakia vs. Romania Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024

Check out the greatest moments and plays in this Euro group stage matchup between Slovakia and Romania.

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Slovakia vs. Romania Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024

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28 thoughts on “Slovakia vs. Romania Highlights | UEFA Euro 2024

  1. I take no pleasure in saying this about my parents country, but having watched Romania, they are the weakest team heading into 16. Their offensive and defensive chemistry is bad, the only reason they are here is because other good teams had a bad game, not so much that Romania played well enough to be here. Netherlands will make change out of them

  2. Stupid comentors, you can clearly see it, he tried to continue at the first foot contact and
    he was stopped at the second foot when he actually fell down That was the fool inside the box and it was pennalty

  3. The first contact 2:50Doesn’t make the player go down! As the commentator/ Mark Clattenburg is stating ! – look at player body posture! If it was only the first contact he wouldn’t have fall. Second contact, which was inside , makes him to fall.

  4. It’s incredible how sports bring people together! It brought so much joy in Romania and I bet in Slovakia as well. It’s about national pride and supporting your country.

  5. As an American with no dog in this fight; that female commentator was amazing! She had me on the edge of my seat with every shot, her intensity is insane. I hope she does more of the games

  6. Ronaldo to be one of the best player have to win The World Cup and hi is not right now very clear Messi it is right now the best player of the world without question

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