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Should the Lakers prioritize landing Klay Thompson if LeBron takes a pay cut? | NBA Today

Should the Lakers prioritize landing Klay Thompson if LeBron takes a pay cut? | NBA Today

The NBA Today crew discusses what LeBron James opting out of his contract means for the Los Angeles Lakers, along with the possibility of taking a pay cut heading into NBA free agency.

0:00 Woj’s details on LeBron
1:45 Klay Thompson to the Lakers?
5:25 LeBron could take pay cut
8:33 L.A. in free agency


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21 thoughts on “Should the Lakers prioritize landing Klay Thompson if LeBron takes a pay cut? | NBA Today

  1. 2024 Trade/Offseason so far. Update!!NO ONE WANTS TO GO TO Lakers/LeFlop offer). Klay just signed w/ the Mavs.
    PG13 is a perfect fit for Sixers/Embid but 💍 wise? Naa. Joel is always injured esp in Playoffs. Joel isn't a leader. PG13 is a Robin in a duo. They need Butler as the Batman for Embid/Sixers 💍 hope.

    Knicks Brunson/Bridges/OG/Randle + w/ DD/Hart/Robinson is set to compete for a 💍 against any other Elite teams but w/o a Big/5, Knicks small 🏀isn't going nowhere esp against Celtics/Bucks. They need to have a a bigman to let Randle play at 4. OG at 3, Bridges 2. DD/Hart will play 2-3 in 2nd unit. Lakers didn't go nowhere when they force AD at 5.

    Thunder finally add a bigman cause Chet will play against all bigman in the League not just to Wemby who has same body as him but against Lakers/Wolves/Bucks/Sixers /Nuggets, Chet doesn't have a chance. Hartenstein (Knicks lol) is a great addition tho Thunder needs a veteran G/F Iggy type who can defend/shoot help the ball pressure from Shai. Hayward is good but they don't trust him. Caruso is good tho.

    Warriors? Spalsh Era is over and missed out PG13, they could had him but they wasted lots of time. Warriors need a PG13 type who has O & D. Curry is a leader and he needs a Robin. Since they let go CP3. They should maybe try to convince Klay to stay and trade Wiggins/Moody/Looney+Picks and Green for J.Grant, Smart, Harden and Ayton (soft asf but if he is surrounded by shooters he plays good but he is just too soft).

    Nuggets needs to pick up Klay or else gets Smart/Westbrook or Harden if still free. Murray MPJ Gordon Jokic are still the best at their position but they need to fill that shooter ole or KCP and also their bench.

    Clippers should get a real PG and a bigman. Harden/Kawhi can still win if healthy but Zu is too slow and getting cooked everytime.

    Bulls should blowout their teams. Trade everyone while they still have little value to none.

    Mavs with Klay woukd be perfect. Klay doesnt have to do antyhing but just be a decoy or shoot 3s. Mavs also needs tk develoo their big ir get a veteran Big.

    Wolves should get again Jimmy Butker or get Kawhi out of Clippers. Wolves need a 3nD wing and a Leader.

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