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See the Karen Read Inverted Mirror Video As It SHOULD Have Been

Last week the prosecution showed the jury the “sally port video” of Karen Read’s SUV being brought into the police station. As it turns out, the video was inverted, a mirror image. Did it make a difference? Decide for yourself! You can watch the original version, which the prosecution witness acknowledged was a mirror version. Then, I’ve mirrored that video so you can see it as it should have been.

Did Karen Read murder her boyfriend John O’Keefe by mowing him down with her car —maybe even intentionally? Or is she being set up by a corrupt law enforcement officials trying to protect their own?

O’Keefe was found dead in the front yard of Boston police officer Brian Albert. Prosecutors say Karen dropped him off at a party at Albert’s house and then hit him with her car.

Thanks to Logan Schwab for the idea that sparked this video.

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50 thoughts on “See the Karen Read Inverted Mirror Video As It SHOULD Have Been

  1. I cant get over the 2:27 search "hos long does it take to die in the cold" thats what i can get over. Theres nothing that can explain that. Expect she and they knew he was out there, its baffling.

  2. Please look at 6:21! There is some missing video where we never see the driver exit. Could this be intentional to make it look like the passenger side? In other words, was the inversion of the video planned before the car entered?

  3. That car port is an absolute reflection on this department. It’s a mess, the use a dummy to hold the crime tape! Ya too much time behind that vehicle.

  4. ???????????¿??????????????????Lee, I don't understand all the snow on the floor and Karen's suv already cleaned off. I think it's suspicious. What's up with that distraction?

  5. I had wondered why someone was getting out of the passangers side? 😮. So much was missing from the investigation. Including securing the property 🙄 where the body was found. I have never seen professionals put blood in solo cups. 🤨 Thank you for explaining inverted video.

  6. Wow, sorry for the multiple posts… but this is incompetent framing. These people are criminals. They pulled plastic from her tail light and planted it. Look at the guy doing it… what is he doing? Admiring the tread on the tire? Worst cops ever. Everyone in this scene participated. It is cultural in Canton. The feds need to come in and fix this. Wow. The fact that the whole garage was in on it… multiple people are in the scene and would reasonably ask, "Jim, why are you breaking plastic off the light?" Of course, they knew the plan… probably the claim was, "She's a cop killer but we want to be sure she doesn't escape." Of course, the truth is that some of their own are cop killers.

  7. Watch the video after the SUV stops. A figure is standing near the far tail light, what we know to be the passenger side, and he's doing something… pulling away plastic? Then he shuffles away, and if you look, it's reasonable to think he's holding something. Who is this? What was he doing?

  8. I dont see how the prosecution thought they could prove anything with this video. They knew it was inverted and no good view of the lights is shown.
    It does seem to make LE and prosecutor look suspicious.

  9. There’s something fishy about this they’re hovering around the tail light are they just looking or are they taking pictures all those people in the video should be supenioned


  11. They should have reenacted the SUV hitting a crash dummy to see if the injuries could have clearly been from the SUV, causing the injuries that Okeeke had.

  12. After watching t "real video" t defense should have called t 2 officers sweeping t snow inside t garage coz at t 7.03 minute mark u can clearly c both officers react to a noise at t back of t car where t other officers r standing! There is your "smoking gun" right there!

  13. It mattered about the video inversion. Shows that up to 5 people including one female officer were at the passenger side rear taillight. And that the sally port exit door had been open long enough that snow had piled up inside on a bay that was supposed to have been empty previously. No reason for it to be open other than it had been brought in and back out again it looks like

  14. This kind of thing doesn’t happen “accidentally.” The cops and prosecutors need long prison sentences. She is being railroaded and the prosecutor knows it.

  15. of course it makes a difference …. doing this – ON PURPOSE – screams cover up – and after all of this coming to light – they beat this poor man to death – and the guilty are still harassing people …. I PRAY the jury has the strength to find her INNOCENT and charge the guilty – will they die next ?

  16. Why would the prosecutor and the grand jury bring this tobtrial if they think that they didn't have a case what could possibly be the real i suppose the the grand jury was in on it and why would the process want to risk his life with all of the public being so gained him they must of thought that they had enough evil not every can be corrupt

  17. Why would John friends kill him what proof did the defense have that a fight broke out absolutely none why would john have the same cocktail glass on him broken up just some common sense questions

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