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Ronaldo is MY FAMILY! Costa spares Portugal with INCREDIBLE performance

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Portugal goalkeeper Diogo Costa reacts to his heroic performance in the penalty shootout victory over Slovenia, which followed Cristiano Ronaldo’s miss from the spot during extra time.

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27 thoughts on “Ronaldo is MY FAMILY! Costa spares Portugal with INCREDIBLE performance

  1. In Diogo Costa's last penalty shootout with club Porto, he didn't save ANY of Arsenal's spot kicks in their Champions League knockout tie! 😱

  2. Diogo Costa is a beautiful human being both inside and out. His fortitude, his skill as a goalie, his admiration and love for his country, as well as its team made this star shine brighter than ever.

  3. Pathetic pundits. Ready to pounce. Really stupid infact, Ronaldo is a emotional person. Who wears his heart on his sleeves. Emotions are controlled or regulated . He has regulated as an emotional person . Leader he is and will always be for Portugal football. Would someone who just missed a penalty step up again to lead his team in penalty kicks ? That takes "😅😅 "s bro 🤘

  4. If 🇵🇹 was his family he would let 10 + million Portuguese people happy by disappointing ONE guy and let someone else take free kicks

    He sucks at it its either over the bar or straight at the goal keeper not once or twice or 20 or 40 times

    Portugal your family ??? Then grow up !!

  5. Always making it about Ronaldo fuck that he missed the in game penalty….lets talk about Diogo Costa outstanding magnificent and every other great word I can think of performance

  6. To save 3 penalty in a row is insane, there is lest 2 penalties not taken, probably he will create a miracle to save 5 all together, that will be a crazy achievement in football world!

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