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Rob Parker Rips Klay Thompson For Unfollowing the Warriors, Says Team Should BLOCK Him

THE ODD COUPLE – Chris Brousard & Rob Parker react to Klay Thompson unfollowing the Golden State Warriors on social media.

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34 thoughts on “Rob Parker Rips Klay Thompson For Unfollowing the Warriors, Says Team Should BLOCK Him

  1. I can't believe that we live in an error where the quality of people's relationships are determined and measured by who someone follows on the damn Internet. This is just crazy. But since we do live in this era – keep in mind that some of us unfollow people because seeing their posts is triggering or hurtful. Whether we like how he handled the negotiations part of this, this is clearly a man who is hurt he knows he is on his way out and probably does not want to see their posts because it will hurt. How many of you unfollow your exes, especially after a bad breakup?

  2. Klay got two years of pay while being injured where 99% of teams would of released him after the second injury not pay him max contract money for never being in a game for two years

  3. I agree with everything Rob said apart from the Belichick/Patriots stuff. It's true that they didn't pay many players, but his coaching caused a lot of players to be massively overpaid by other teams where they underperformed due to fact that Bill made them look much better than they were.

  4. Phenomenal point about draymond getting paid and how that blurrs the lines with klay contract and how he feels but MAN, draymond is NEEDED bc he’s THE LOCKER ROOM. If curry was actually vocal draymond woulda been gone in 2019. The warriors either have to do what Boston did which is stack the deck so you don’t really need a locker room guy OR GET ONE.

  5. He got paid for 2 seasons while recovering from a torn ACL and achilles. Then he came back and hasn't been anything close to himself but wants to still get paid like he's elite. I would allow him to walk.

  6. Two years 48 million he will be 38 I don’t know why people think these players can play on top level like Lebron I mean he’s a shooter and all but I don’t think these cats are going to impact a game like lbj can

  7. Rob had me spitting out my drink, I didn’t expect all that lol.

    Granted Klay has the right to push for his money, in the same breath, Golden State has the right to not pay him, I get he’s a legend there, but he’s way over the hill and not worth the max

  8. No one mentions that not only is he older and less productive, he also has had serious injuries late in his career. If they pay him then he’s gotta be able to play at a high level plus log a lot of minutes and stay healthy. It’s not impossible but the odds of that happening are not worth paying in the luxury tax to go nowhere in the playoffs

  9. klay has not been in a good head space. seems like hes mad at the world. now always acting like hes a little tough guy. come on man grow up. players usually mature as they get older. Klay seems to be doing the opposite.

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