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Report: FBI Looking Into Murder Case Against Karen Read

The FBI is now looking into the alleged cover-up in the case against Karen Read, according to new reports. Read is accused of killing her Boston police officer boyfriend with her car and leaving him to die in the snow.

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21 thoughts on “Report: FBI Looking Into Murder Case Against Karen Read

  1. If millions of the public been watching this trial & seen there was no evidence & a dog attack evidence beaten & attacked & being frozen with hypothermia & a skull fracture is more likely of what killed Paul's brother, & not the way Paul & everyone else was thinking, There was no way John was hit by a huge SUV or hit by any vehicle, To think the story that made Paul & family believe this is what happened It is an unbelievable story, All the witnesses that gave their testimony is alot more clear to million of viewers that all the witnesses were lying, The actions even showed during all the testimonies, how can the O'Keefe family not see that, when millions of viewers seen how innocent karen Read was since hearing this trial from the start. Karen Read & how her Defense side was telling the truth & their story was so much more believable, Karen was drunk at time is probably why she thought differently at first until she sobered up & she remembered everything more clearer, Everyone was drunk, Drinking, & Driving, just to pin this on a woman was just unrealistic of ever happening, Just out of pure Hatred & Jealousy they all had & thought this woman was a easy target to pin this on because of an argument John & Karen had, & because Karen was the last person seen & with John before Karen dropped John off, & Karen was seen beyond drunk, So that's why everyone conspired to frame this woman. God knew this woman didn't do what everyone alleged that Karen did. Even though there was a hung Jury That's because there was no evidence Jury just didn't want to be the ones to say she wasn't guilty because how they all knew this was a cover up Just based off of no evidence, If the Jury said not guilty, The media would of made the Canton Police & the court & state of Mass would all look bad & truth would be told about the state & lies & corruption from this case, They didn't want everything told about the corruption. I don't think there should or will even be a Retrial, How do you make Facts appear when there was none, Even if you do a different strategy, You cant change the Facts & change a story & change the truth of what really happened, All charges against Karen Read should all be dismissed, & State should just save the Defense the trouble & stop wasting everyone's time, & Dismiss all the charges. If I was Karen Read after all this I would sue them all & even if someone comes to try & apologize to Karen, I would never except any apology & move on & I'm sure if there is another trial Karen Read seems to be a strong person & she will be ready & well prepared for another trial. Proctor should of been fired immediately & everyone, including the Alberts, McCabes, Higgins & everyone who was & knows their involvement should of been all charged. Karma will get everyone eventually for all the lies & covering up that took place. God knows, everything happens for a reason. This was beyond terrible & awful what Karen Read had to struggle with to try & prove herself against a family of her boyfriend John & The Police depts. The State Troopers, Detectives. Exspert witnesses, Neighbors, All conspired to go through together a timeline that they all created to frame this woman. Put yourself in Karen Reads shoes. Except Karen Read held it together so much better then other's would have. Karma has a way of showing up & truth coming out about the police & corruption & lies of everyone involved & everyone's involvement, Who knows how long & how many other's have encountered similar situations .. This is just the start of their Karma.

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