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Real Lawyer Reacts: Renewed Motion in Karen Read Trial: Commonwealth Tries to Block Expert Testimony

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21 thoughts on “Real Lawyer Reacts: Renewed Motion in Karen Read Trial: Commonwealth Tries to Block Expert Testimony

  1. Meh, the lady that said the injuries look like they were done by an animal is unnecessary anyway. The defense is almost trying too hard to prove their case, which is completely unnecessary.
    They've already established plenty of reasonable doubt.

  2. I dont believe it matters any more. The defense could rest now saying nothing and they would win.
    Jurors have decidec this already. They have heard 23 days of testimony to decide. It is longer than proctor needed with his 16 hours.
    Clearly no jury is going to find her guilty. I believe this with all my heart.

  3. This defense is SO darn good. Very well prepared and the judge/DA know it! I used to live in a small town. Let me tell you, we had a trial where a guy got murdered, evidence was there and the guy that done the killing got away with it because of who they were. This happens all the time I'm sure. This judge is so prejudiced it's awful. The DA is getting by with plenty. The judge is helping them out even while sighing at the defense. She needs a kick in the seat of her britches and so does the DA.

  4. Just joined this, didnt know too much about it until today. Whats up with the dna on her bumper and whats up with the google searches of how long it takes someone to die from the cold.

  5. Peter will you please cover what happened today in the Young Thug trial? The defense attorney getting locked up for contempt for asking the judge about a meeting he held with the prosecution without notifying the defense? I’ve never seen anything like it 😮

  6. As many days as the Common Wealth has taken, the judge should allow the defense all the time they need. The judge has given the jury plenty of days off ,none of them are overworked in comparison to trials I have watched in the past.

  7. This is starting to look like collusion between the Albert's, the cops and the prosecutors. Hopefully, the judge can smell the cheese and is not a mouse.

  8. If the prosecution could actually prove that he's guilty and why does the defense need to put on any case at all and tell them anything about who they're going to call or what her alibi might be.

  9. I'm inclined towards a not guilty verdict and a clear coverup just from Jennifer McCabe's testimony alone. Well, alone*. Since I watched The DUI Guy+'s coverage so I did have the benefit if him pointing out all of the obvious and suspicious things. Like "I don't recall deleting call logs but you know, its what people do" type nonsense. Or very simple questions during cross where she is like a deer in the headlights waffling and the attorney has to pull teeth almost to get a simple yes/no answer.

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