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Reactions after judge declares mistrial in Karen Read murder trial

A judge declared a mistrial in the murder trial of Karen Read when the deeply divided jury failed to reach a verdict after days of deliberation. Read is accused of killing her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, in 2022.

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30 thoughts on “Reactions after judge declares mistrial in Karen Read murder trial

  1. If you went to a dinner party with people who’d watched the full case, if the whole table were honest, they could never say that the prosecution got near to proving guilt.Lally waffled on for weeks, basically throwing spaghetti on a wall and praying some of it stuck.

  2. I hope they get another judge next time!!!!! And maybe a larger court room, so Karen does not have to practically sit on the O'Keefe family's knee!!! That is far too close for comfort as far as I am concerned. She must feel anxious, just sitting there, and when her attorneys go up to the bench???? She is sitting there alone!!!!!

  3. The jury and judge and prosecutors are all corrupted they all know each other.that is why they couldn’t come up with the right decision not Guilty to who was really responsible for this crime.because prosecutor’s are all guilty and corrupted
    I can’t believe that all those 12 jurors could not come up with the right decision for all these Criminals who were involved in this crime
    But they couldn’t even come closer to make simple decision that she wasn’t guilty
    Shame on the Judge and’s okay for them to jail innocent people but not okay to jail the real criminals just because are they are police Criminals

  4. If the O’Keefes want justice for John, they need to look elsewhere. They went to every court hearing and saw all the evidence for themselves. Paul needs to be a man and ask the FBI what the heck is going on with this investigation. Instead of questioning the men who are involved, he puts on his blinders and blames the girl!! Paul, grow some cojones and stop being a sapo! Do it for the sake of the children, and fight to the end just like Officer John O’Keefe did. 😢

  5. Prosecutor needs to speak better & to get a more qualified reconstruction expert of just how his injuries were done with her hittin him. Could he have been hit on his folded arm and falling on back of his head hitting a part of the fire hydrant as he fell on the grass?😮 there was no evidence john went into that house.

  6. One way to solve this case is if the Alberts or nearby homes captured video survellience of how john landed unconscience in that spot on their lawn where he was found covered in snow by karen read. I dont think a 20 year cop would do that. DNA found on the tailight doesnt lie.

  7. The lack of deliberation before announcing intention to seek retrial shows the political gamery of the DA and if Bostonians are smart, they will recognize that politics in DA offices is very dangerous to the entire society.

  8. So many ppl were so sure it would be not guilty or why this case even came to trial. She is guilty but the CW case was not presented in a convincing way. The defense succeeded in fabricating & accusing others with 0 evidence.

  9. The bottom line is the Feds have them AARC the best Drs. of reconstruction team . If you were not sure before them it should have been a not guilty . It will be interesting when the jurors find out this . Karen Read with 6 experts and a team of sharks proved dog bites and she did not hit Officer John Okeefe ❤

  10. This case should've never been a freakin mistrial, where all the evidence clearly pinned this crime to the COPS and a freakin cover-up from their friends and families, where all of them should've been fired, arrested, and charged with multiple felonies….This case marked one of the biggest American Justice system embarrassments ever….

  11. It's pretty obvious to me that the jury doesn't think she's guilty, but they also don't wanna go against a bunch of cops neither…I mean, the jury still has to live in that community…

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