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Questions over evidence tampering in Karen Read murder trial

There’s no court Friday in the Karen Read murder trial after an explosive day of testimony. The defense cross-examined Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Yuriy Bukhenik about Michael Proctor, another central lead state police investigator. They say Proctor and others altered evidence to frame Read.

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24 thoughts on “Questions over evidence tampering in Karen Read murder trial

  1. It's not a game it's a court case. I knew Karen was guilty day one when the EMTs and police gave direct eye witness to Karen's confession.Proctors behavior or opinions have no bearing on the facts in the case . Karen is guilty of 2nd degree murder. She knew what she did. She had motive by hating JO in her texts and witnesses who described Karen's aggressive jealous behavior

  2. This is a total misjustice of the legal system. This kind/dedicated/loving individual, Mr O'Keefe was murdered. This whole situation smells. There is a nasty/disgusting smell/odor /virus in the town in the Town of Canton, Mass. This was a so called well planned circus side show. The actors are all playing their part. Once the jury gets this case, not guilty will be the verdict. These clowns would make a great, Jerry Springer episode. The title of the episode would be :No way in Ma. Horrible liar's 101..๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ€

  3. The taillight from the ring cam when she hit John's car and the video when they show her car being towed looks totally different than the picture from the sallyport. In the sallyport there is a little red on the bottom and a piece on the side, but the rest is completely white. Those ring cam video's show mostly red.

  4. Karen is guilty. She hit john in a jealous rage. Then tried to cover it up. All the forensic evidence points to karen. You can't hide a broken tail light with John's hair and glass embedded into him as well as the broken tail light pieces. Johns glass was in his hand lesning the bar.No one saw John Enter Brian's house. Karen's suv was witnessed as to being at the house earlier. Karen confessed to 3 first responders I HIT HIM I HIT HIM O MY GOD I HIT HIM.karen told JEN SHE HAD A TERRIBLE FIGHT WITH JOHN.The googke search was initiated by karen. Karen asked Jen to google it probably to cover herself. Karen launched a online campaign to divert suspicion to innocent people who happened to be police. Cop hating conspiracy theorists like Turtleboy interfered in the evidence. Karen led Jen and Kerri right to the body of John. Karen had motive. Karen's texts to Higgins while she was cheating on John shows the hate she had accusing JO of cheating and despising his children. Face it love hate relationships can cause someone known to be jealous like karen to do something in a rage. It's too bad she couldn't have went home and broke some plates instead of backing her SUV into John in a brief fit if rage

  5. Karen hit John after 9 drinks and got behind the wheel of a suburban in a nor'easter. They went to the party but she didn't go out with him. They had been fighting and were on the verge of a break-up. She admits to doing a 3-point turn and hitting something, when she left him at the house.

    Karen realizes, after waking up and finding John's not home, what she has done – she panicked and went right back to where she left him. Karen finds John right where she hit him. A snowplow had come along and caused additional injury. When Karen finds John – she is clearly heard saying by multiple people "I HIT HIM – I HIT HIM – I HIT HIM."

    Karen is now claiming that John went into the house — where he was attacked by his friends (cops and firemen) and dumped outside his friend's home to die. And for some bizarre reason they are framing – conspiring (about 10 – 20 people) – against Karen blaming her for John O'Keefe's death. Karen has built a smoke screen of deception to hide the simple but horrific truth – She was drunk and angry. She can surely put away the drinks – it's like she has a lot of experience with "imbibing" (wink-wink).

    That night, she either hit him intentionally, or it was an accident, and although she was aware she had hit him, she was just drunk and pissed enough to say – tough – I am going home.

    She has also been seen on video backing into and hitting John's vehicle that same day. It appears she is not very good at driving that big, honking suburban in reverse. Pieces of her broken taillight were only found at the scene of the hit and run murder.

    Karen told police the day after the murder, in her first interview, that she didn't know how her taillight was broken, telling them it had happened sometime the previous day (of hit run). Then Karen tells police, in a subsequent interview, that two of the men at the party had fought with John, breaking the taillight and they had "pulverized" John's face – but hey it was a joke kind of a thing…??

    Karen was offered a plea and turned it down. It appears she doesn't want to admit she was drunk when she hit John, she does remember hitting him.

    Perhaps Karen likes to have one too many – too often. RIP John O'Keefe.

    #JusticeForJohnOKeefe #9Drinks #Ihithim #KarenHitJohn

  6. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Does anyone think people are all honest all the time?? Does anyone dispute corruption exists?? Anyone who "isn't one for conspiracy theories" must be naive enough to think EVERYONE is honest, ALL of the time! It's absurd!!! Corrupt people conspire. A "conspiracy theory" is just a belief that corrupt people conspired to commit, or cover up, a crime.

  7. They have a surveillance camera on the other wall. It's what they used to show footage of the car pulling out to leave. They also had footage of the guy removing the light housing. BUT…they used THIS footage because the most important part of the car isn't in sight!

  8. The mirror image video is the true, accurate video of the scene so it must be introduced into evidence first. Mirror image video is common, particularly where security systems use both mirrors and cameras. Software can be used to flip the video, but this alters the true original video. So the unaltered original video is introduced first, then the altered flipped video. Shame on nbc for lying to its viewers

  9. Outrageously abusive for NBC to claim evidence tampering. The video is mirror image because of the security mirror and camera system the police department has to protect officers when they bring arrestees to the station. NBC aired yet another false accusation by the defense without even bothering to pretend to present the other side. Shame on NBC for being a propaganda rag fraudulently pising as an objective media outlet

  10. I bet she'll go free, too many questions here, the cops botched the investigation and worse, tampering now. Sheesh ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

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