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Prosecution Finally Rests, Defense Takes Over! Karen Read Trial Day 29 – LAWYER LIVE

Did Karen Read murder her boyfriend John O’Keefe by mowing him down with her car —maybe even intentionally? Or is she being set up by a corrupt law enforcement officials trying to protect their own?

O’Keefe was found dead in Canton, Massachusetts, in the front yard of Boston police officer Brian Albert. Prosecutors say Karen dropped him off at a party at Albert’s house and then hit him with her car.

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46 thoughts on “Prosecution Finally Rests, Defense Takes Over! Karen Read Trial Day 29 – LAWYER LIVE

  1. I really feel like the Hos long to die in cold could be a coincidence if searched at 2 am, and not necessarily an indication that she knew someone was outside. There was a major snow storm expected, and honestly, drunk minds get curious. Basically, I don't think the Google search is as important as everyone thinks it is.

  2. Don't watch live – imo he was attacked in the house, a decision was made to pinpoint KR and it was definitely staged. When was the taillight broken? Who knows? They found out what vehicle she drove, found similar vehicle in impound yard, broke taillight and scattered pieces at site.
    Officers are trained to look at crash sites, for goodness sakes! Would be extremely easy to pull this off. Easy peasy

  3. Way too many coincidences for the people surrounding this death. Butt dials, deleted calls and searches, rehoming dogs, rehoming phones, redoing flooring, selling houses, shoddy investigation…PROCTOR. I watch a lot of true crime and I've never seen anything like this.

  4. I think Cell phone forensic "expert" Trooper Quacanni dealt another big blow to the Prosecution yesterday when he said many times that Karen Read arrived at John O'Keefe's house at 12:36 a.m. based on when her phone linked to JOK's Wifi at #1 Meadows. Yet, the Prosecution still says Karen hit JOK at 12:45 a.m. at 34 Fairbrook. Prosecution hasn't figured out how to explain this yet.

  5. Green could not even answered some of the questions of the prosecutor? Your excuse is that Prosecutor was too technical? Ha!ha! This quit laughable. That is why I am saying you are biased?

  6. Also the cellebrite employee said they used a different version of os. Which makes ke wonder why they didbt use the same one? Only reason to use a different operating system to me looks like they were trying to get a specific result

  7. I've only listened to you a few times, but I get the sense that you're very pro prosecution. I certainly would never be able to convict at this stage and I haven't even even heard the defense.

  8. Bottom line is if people were innocent of no corruption then why would dogs you’ve owned for seven years be rehomed all of a sudden? Why would you redo basements and sell homes and destroy phones?? Come on now they beat his ass in that home after that who knows what happened but they are guilty.

  9. Wasn’t it Jen McCabe that said she saw a black object/figure 5-6 feet long in the snow as they drove by leaving the house that night? Maybe that’s why she went home and searched “hos long to die in cold”. Maybe she was so drunk she didn’t think to take it seriously?

  10. I wonder why the prosecution even called M. E. If it was because of the way it would look like if the defense had to call her.Because Lally could not get her to say that it was definitely a car hitting him.But I am beginning to think that the Commonwealth wants her convicted because the FBI HAS an investigation into them all. On July 17 th a grand jury will convene on the Prosecution s investigation.

  11. Guaranteed, her defense team believes she hit JO that night. There's no way they believe otherwise, IMO. Murdaugh's defense team still claims he's innocent. KR reminds me of Sarah Boone, the alleged 'hide-n-go-seek' suitcase defendant.

  12. It was a Ford Edge, and 3 members of the Albert family drove Ford Edges. Brian drove a dark colored one (black, I think), and both Colin and Kevin Albert drove light-colored ones.

    So it was most likely Kevin Albert (Canton PD) who showed up for the “ALL HANDS ON DECK” cover-up; especially since they were trying to protect Colin Albert from being exposed as having participated in the “altercation” inside the house that killed Officer John O’Keefe.

    Lucky, the snow plow driver said it was a light-colored Ford Edge.

  13. Love your channel and timeline, Lawyer Lee. One little correction though, Brian Albert and Brian Higgins were sent a court order on 9/23/22 to preserve their phones, not on 2/22/22 as your timeline shows.

  14. ? The one question I have is the fact that when Karen's SUV was picked up that they never took pictures of proof they had on the SUV that the taillight was shattered and gone. Taking our word that it was is not proof and the fact that the taillight was intact when Karen left the house at 5:07am and the fact the tow truck driver said it was just cracked but in the end we have no proof it was in pictures other than after the police removed the housing off that taillight. What happened to crime scene photographs of the scene and SUV at the time of the discovery?

  15. I am surprised that you do not believe in the search The 2-27 💯 happened. She had to look it up in order to learn what timeframe would be reasonable so that Hypothermia would even be valid. And why delete that search when it did not happen. The Cellebrite man Ian Whiffin told hogwash imo. And I would bet the jury also knows that this search happened especially after having seen how hostile, defensive and aggressive JenMcCabe was on the stand

  16. Appreciate your timeline Lee! I hope this is presented at closing statements to make it clearer for the jurors to understand before they start deliberating.

  17. 25:03 the Paul mentioned in Loughran's testimony is Paul Mackowski, a private investigator hired by Read's defense team. He interviewed Loughran February 15, 2022, 17 days after O'Keefe's death. Mackowski signed an affidavit including the 2:30am time and the Ford Edge sighting. The disputed time of 11:30pm was from a police interview with, you guessed it, Michael Proctor and Yuri Bukhenik, conducted in August, 2023, two days after Loughran's interview with the PI was reported in the media and 19 months after O'Keefe's death. If Lally had a recording of the interview with the 11:30pm time he would have played it. Apparently FBI investigators also interviewed Loughran, and may have obtained GPS data from the plow truck confirming the 2:30 time. Up to the jurors to decide who to believe.

  18. ofcourse they were planted we saw in the surveillance video from the police station how one of them broke fragments off and the two who were sweeping ended up in that exact area swept it outside out frame then pulled the gates dwn. im sure someone was there to collect it. that video had multiple suspicious moved by the cops especially when they collectively blocked the cameras at important moments trying to hide what rhe sweepers did and what 2 other cops did. u can te that the collective number of cops there worked in unison to cover up multiple such moments in that entire scene and they were 6-8 from local and state watch it again

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