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31 thoughts on “Portugal vs Slovenia reaction… #football #euro2024 #portugal #ronaldo #penalty #slovenia

  1. Misstiano penaldo 😂😂😂
    But seriously Ronaldo should have done better with that penalty he missed. If you watch the penalty you would see that he had his mind on the right side and oblak saw his run up and aim so for me Ronaldo should have done better

  2. Everyone defending ronaldo oblak owned him and almost saved in penalties respect to slovenia at the start of the matvh eveyone said they gonna lose and in 116 everyone said they gonna win really good performance from slovenia and almost a dark horses story was maid. The penalty was a robbery and I am from Slovenia and it was it was not a foul I cried so bad and then I saw oblak was in his head and saved it I was so happy I am very happy how we preformed we need to work on penalties

  3. I hate the fact that he feels like he has to prove himself to his fans
    He has already proved himself so i think him making mistakes shouldn't be a reason people hold him on..
    Like i say" all i ever wanted was freedom to make my own mistakes

  4. He didn’t take $hit to the quarter finals. The goalkeeper did not Ronaldo. He missed the first penalty and many other chances. And he scored 1 penalty like the other 2 Portuguese players. How exactly did Ronaldo take Portugal to the quarter finals?

  5. Mosnter mentality" 😭😭. Romaldo broke down with 15 minutes left. His teammates had to console him.That is the weakest thing I've seen in my entire life.I get if you cry at the end of the game but bro your in the middle of a match.

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