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20 thoughts on “PORTUGAL vs SLOVENIA | Pitch Side LIVE!

  1. yeah Ronaldo quite possibly is "washed" but he is 39 years of age but to still be captaining your country on the biggest stage is quite something if we're honest
    Personally prefer Ronaldo but absolutely no doubt that him and Messi are the two greatest to ever do it

  2. Ronaldo shamed Man United when he went on one of the most popular Talk shows in English TV and treated the Club and its Managers and even owners as crap…sooo of course these losers are going to talk down Ronaldo who they wish to suck in their dreams.

  3. Despicable job here guys, congrats!
    Dissing the goat for no good reason, completely clueless about the sport, and apparently completely unaware of their hypocrisy when the English team has been playing as they have.

  4. As a Portuguese it's obviously enervating to hear the right guy talk that way about Ronaldo crying and how he hates Portugal for shithousing their way to wins, but then I kept listening and I realized, he just doesn't understand an ounce about football, its emotions and is clearly in this podcast just for the vibes and trying to just be the "funny guy" but with shit jokes, all that most likely coming from the fact his England team hasn't won anything since 1966, way before he was born, but not only that, so hypocritical when the current England team has not only shithoused its way through the group stage with one shitty 1-0 win against Serbia, a 1-1 draw against Denmark and a 0-0 draw against.. Yup, this Slovenia.. But also a current England team who was on the verge of elimination by Slovakia until the minute 94 and were saved by a Jude Bellingham(great player for real madrid) that ghosted the entire game up until that point.

    Maybe when your national team wins a trophy while you're still alive, you'll finally understand the emotions of the game and why Ronaldo was crying after the most important penalty he's had to take in the last 3 years and coincidently being the one he's missed in that period of time, including what that man has gone through personally in the last 2 years.

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