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  1. Bro started crying mid game man I can't , this is the one thing he's known for that is mentality and he was out there giving up mid game. WoW lowest of lows for the 2nd best player of all time.

  2. The media's praise for a team captain crying mid-game with 15 minutes left is foolish. This display shows poor leadership and weak mentality, potentially undermining team morale. True leaders maintain composure and rally their teammates in tough moments. Lauding such behavior risks normalizing weakness in competitive sports.

  3. now some random ahh people are questioning ronaldo's leadership, cause he cried. why is no one not mentioning, he literally took the first penalty and scored. why is no one talking bout his passion for the game even tho he has won fking everything, he does not have to care. but he still wants to do his fking best. this guy Cristiano Ronaldo is a mystical goat of football. what a fking story was written, from birth till now. what a story

  4. Yash Bhai unko flashbacks ane lage honge WC ke jab itna kuch hoke, banke bhi apne desh ke liye ek baar fir kuch na kar paa rahe ho. Har ek cheez try kar li kal fir bhi jab kuch na saath jaa raha ho, apne desh ko akhri baar euros me khatre me dekhoge na to lagega bro. Koi bhi ro dega. See what he is going through. Ghar baith ke leader hai so he shoudnt had cried bolna aasaan hai

  5. Once again the dumbass fans prove how the standards are for different for Messi and Ronaldo,
    Ronaldo can apparently miss a pen cause kept "trying" by standing like a useless truck and skying all the free kicks but Messi "ghosts" by still completing 8-10 dribbles in a game, creating several chances and being heavily involved in his team's goals.

  6. Guyz i can understand the criticism on Cristiano he cried bich match mein vegara
    But you need to understand this as well ki use adat nhi hain aise moments mein fuck up krne ki jitni bar use step up hone ki expectations rakhi hain utni baar usne step up kiya hain (most of the times)
    And iss baar usse bilkul hi nahi ho raha contribution to isiliye woh ro pada though i can understand this ki nahi rona chahiye tha use..

  7. Ronaldo cried only after missing the penalty. Just imagining what would have happened if Portugal had lost the game, all fans would cry along with him. However, god gave the reward to Ronaldo, especially Portugal

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