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Portugal vs Slovenia 3-0 Latest Penalty Shootout Euro 2024/ Diego Costa Hattrick 💥🔥

Portugal vs Slovenia 3-0 Latest highlights & All Goals Euro 2024/ Ronaldo 💥
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22 thoughts on “Portugal vs Slovenia 3-0 Latest Penalty Shootout Euro 2024/ Diego Costa Hattrick 💥🔥

  1. Who cares about the penalty the passages were fun to watch and portugal is an actual team, very telepathic. But yes Slovenia was resilient and i think they'll do better next time as tons of experience from this match.

  2. I'm not just too happy with the Ronaldo penalty missed. No one is perfect. Anybody can miss penalty kick.
    But, that doesn't hesitate me from loving Ronaldo… Still my number one favorite and best player in football history.
    And at the same time. I'm happy Portugal won the match.

  3. Кто берёт в сборную таких не играющих в бильярд Шешко , игрок бред , – крутит мяч не той ногой и резка уходящая от штанги . Нищие духом. Никогда не выиграют.

  4. I'm neither portuguese nor the biggest Cristiano fan and while I always root for the underdog team(Slovenia in this case), watching CR7 cry made me really sad and did not think he deserved to lose, not this way at least. Almost teared up after the penalty shoot-out watching even someone like Pepe getting emotional with Diogo Costa. It really is not just a game and matches like this one prove it.

    And I want to say, as I saw CR7 cry, I felt like there was a message to be taken from it. If Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the biggest figures in the world, not just in football but in general, can allow himself to cry in the middle of a stadium full of people, while all the cameras are on him and people from all around the globe can see him getting this emotional… Then any one of us can.

  5. J'espère de tout cœur que cristiano et le Portugal se qualifient au prochain tour car c'est bel et bien la dernière participation de cristiano avec la seleccao

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