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Portugal vs Slovenia (3-0) Full Penalty-Shootout! EURO 2024

Watch Portugal vs Slovenia Full Penalty-Shootout in Euro 2024 Round of 16. Portugal beat Slovenia on penalty-Shootout as Diogo Costa saved three penalties in a row against Slovenia while Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva scored all first three penalties easily. Ronaldo missed a penalty in 105th minute. He was in tears but later he was happy. Watch Portugal vs Slovenia penalties. Portugal vs Slovenia 3-0 penalties. Portugal vs Slovenia. Portugal vs Slovenia 3-0 penalty shootout. Portugal vs Slovenia 3-0. Portugal Slovenia penalties. Portugal Slovenia Penalty shootout.

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21 thoughts on “Portugal vs Slovenia (3-0) Full Penalty-Shootout! EURO 2024

  1. Man I get why people scrutinise & mock him for penalties to the extent of calling him Penaldo but the pressure when your playing tournament such as the euros is just immense

  2. Ronaldo, for him it was probably a bad night cos he didn’t score a goal. He made some great passes though and was totally dedicated to the game keep your chin up. More games coming up. Costa in goal…for me ,up to know the player of the tournament. Never seen so many penalty saves..have you? Really brillant goal keeping 👍👍

  3. This is honestly one of portugals worst matches, bravo to slovenia for defending and overall playing so good, sesko almost scored a goal but it is what it is. Ronaldo was awful only reason PT won was because of their gk, props to him too.

  4. The glazing is immeasurable. If Messi had this performance and missed a penalty in a game all these people here would verbally destroy him…

  5. My friend who was a Messi fan said that the Portuguese goalkeeper sucks and he won't be able to block a single goal, he also said that the Slovenian goalkeeper was built different. He just ate his words✨✨✨✨

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