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31 thoughts on “Portugal vs Slovenia 3-0 Full Penalty and Euro 2024 Highlights

  1. ⚽All Games are played to determine victory and defeat.
    But there are a lot of no result matches more in football.boaring ⚽😫😇
    This leads to hates and boredom with the game of football.
    The old style of penalty shootout in semis and finals is also very boring.Always playing equal power team' s in an internationalmatches.draw games without results are out for many good teams. 😭
    If there are no new changes in the game of football like the super over came in the game of cricket, football will become a boring game.
    If the game goes to extra time, find the correct result by playing the number of players as 6, then 4, then 2 to make the food ball more attractive.⚽🔥

  2. Ronaldo is the best in the world.⭐From 2003-2024 playing football till now, He is the true HERO and a LEADER. Champion in the world go on bro until you see are tired and hung your boot. God bless you and remeber to extend your grace through God to me also ❤ Thank you bro move on keep it up.

  3. Один за всех,и все за одного!!! Молодцы Португальцы!!! Роналду забьёт хет трик Франции…

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