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Portugal escape with a win | Portugal beat Slovenia in Penalty shootout

Portugal escape with a win | Portugal beat Slovenia in Penalty shootout

Portugal goalkeeper Diogo Costa saved three Slovenia penalties to earn his side a 3-0 shoot-out victory after Cristiano Ronaldo redeemed himself from the spot in a dramatic Euro 2024 last-16 clash on Monday.

Portugal forward Ronaldo broke down in tears after missing a penalty in the first period of extra-time in the goalless tie in Frankfurt. But he recovered to convert in the shoot-out as Portugal scraped through to set up a blockbuster clash with France in the quarter-finals.

Slovenia battled valiantly to keep Portugal at bay, with Jan Oblak making a stunning save to keep out Ronaldo’s penalty after Diogo Jota was fouled.

However, Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva all scored in the shoot-out and Slovenia’s trio missed, sending the Selecao through in heart-stopping fashion.

It was a cagey affair through and through but France created more openings, and in the end were rewarded for it. Remember, they’re yet to score an outfield goal from at these Euros, two own goals and a Kylian Mbappe penalty have helped them to the quarterfinals. But they’ll take it for now.

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48 thoughts on “Portugal escape with a win | Portugal beat Slovenia in Penalty shootout

  1. I wish Ronaldo could play as a winger one last time. I know he’s old but his fitness level is insane. I want to see him at the position for which he was known in Manchester United one last time. 😢

  2. Bhai aap Ronaldo ke shoes pe rahoge to uss situation pe to tum moot doge and hagg doge picth pe….

    Kabhi pitch real competitive football match kheli hoti aapne to smj aata shayd aapko..

    Manager ne bilkul sahi kia cr7 ko pitch pe rakha… That shows he trust Ronaldo … Agar hata deta to cr7 ka morale aur down hojata hai… And uss chiz se team bhi

  3. When Portugal won match ronaldo indirectly or eventually gives credit to his teammates and coach but when they lost match are they have poor performance ronaldo takes all the burdens by himself 😢 that's why i think he was bit emotional as that time

  4. Bhai poster mein mat hath lagana dobara CR7 aapke liye player hoga mere liye Bhagwan hai,, so please dobara poster per hath mat lagana 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  5. Yeah I agree CR7 should be ready for hate but getting criticism from people who haven't even played a professional match is like how a donkey judge a lion on the basis of how it catches it's preys. Ronaldo can be criticized but not from people from the comment section in YouTube .That's why I never criticized messi and Ronaldo . They are goats and 1 bad match performance can't change the fact that they are still important for their team , just look at what Argentina and Portugal will do if they don't play for a long time .

  6. Ronaldo still thinks that there is something like “Messi’s dream WC ending” is waiting for him.
    Bro wake up, smell the coffee and retire before you make your legacy a joke.
    We messi fans will enjoy everything 😂😂😂
    Can’t forget his unprofessional “Factos” comment. Karma is giving Ronaldo “L”.

  7. We have to be honest with ourselves, Ronaldo and Pepe are old now and can't play that good , Portugal's manager needs to setup a team and line-up around them to get their maximum, they can't carry Portugal now , Portugals new players and manager needs to step up and take initiative in my opinion

  8. Anyone can miss penalty
    But I was furious with Portugese wingers that they were not putting ball into box and there crosses were easily defended by defenders as there was no whip in their crosses

  9. Brother, I don't have any personal issues with you, but there's something important I want to convey. I hope you've never faced failure in your career, and I genuinely wish you never do. Let me explain what I mean. Suppose you notice that your videos aren't getting as many views as they usually do, despite you giving your best effort. Naturally, you would expect the best results if you're putting in your best effort. If you consistently try your hardest for a year but still see no results, you might start questioning your life choices. These thoughts can bring you to tears, especially knowing your parents are watching and relying on you.

    This is exactly what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo during that 120-minute match. Despite his efforts, luck wasn't on his side, and when he finally got an easy chance to score his first goal of the tournament, he missed. That's why he cried. If you're saying that he shouldn't have cried during the match, I hope you understand now why he did. As fans of Cristiano Ronaldo or just as people who understand that life has its ups and downs, we can all relate to his situation.

  10. Bro, we don't care what you think. Ronaldo is a human at the end, when you carry the load of entire nation's dreams on your shoulders for 20 years delivering it for them, and then have the worst day of your footballing career, you can't hold your emotions. The pride, and passion he plays with is unmatched, and even if he has won almost everything, it's his last euros, and he wants to win it for Portugal and himself. And then comes the moment, where he could be a reason that his country might end up losing, it's hard to hold tears.
    Anyone instead of him would've asked to get subbed, and quit experiencing the worst night of his career, but he stood strong and scored the first penalty of the shootouts, and it was the tailor perfect at the corner.
    Ronaldo is about passion, hardwork, dedication, never giving up, being there when it matters the most, and hopefully we'll see it in quarters against France.

  11. 8:01 ur right….m khud cr k liye dekhta hu bt penalty miss krne k bad aise krnan hi nhi tha… penalty koi bi miss kr skta h not a big deal bt vo behave unexpected… it's hurts as a cr7 fan

  12. Initially I disagreed with you because you couldn't elaborate the Ronaldo situation much.

    But after watching OneMUFC's video, i believe you and Mohak are on the same page. He elaborated it much more clearly.

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