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Paul George & Klay Thompson are LEAVING in Free Agency

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43 thoughts on “Paul George & Klay Thompson are LEAVING in Free Agency

  1. Clippers have to run it back one more year because of the curse. Imagine, the first year they are in their new arena, not in the Laker’s arena, they have a healthy-ish season and are a top 3 seed. Make it to the Finals, Win. Their teams were always good enough but the curse prevented their success. Perfect sports story.

  2. Want him to come to Orlando but Philly is the best place for him imo. Just happy Magic have one of the better futures finally cuz other teams are on plateaus.

  3. As a Magic fan, nobody speaks of us. Nobody mentions how well we've matched up against Boston. We have two of the best young wings in the game. Paul George elevates us in such a way that those who weren't acknowledging us, will.

  4. Clippers shouldn’t sign PG to a max. He’s a good player but not worth $50m and thinking towards the end of the contract he will be almost 40 making $50-$60m averaging 10 points is crazy. Clippers would be smart to let him walk even if it hurts them for a year or so. As for the warriors I think we all saw this coming and I’m not shocked. They need to get younger like the clippers and build around curry while he’s still great

  5. OKC ain't taking Klay. They have literally no reason to.
    76ers might be stupid enough, but they ain't winning a championship with him.
    The only ones that make sense, imo, is the Spurs where he'd be a mentor to a young core who needs it, or the Magic that could use him for a run, but probably have better options out there.

  6. Warriors could do a sign and trade with Chris Paul and Klay Thompson for Paul George. Who says no? Clippers would get 2 good players that would help them out so they don't lose George for nothing. And the Warriors would get a last dance with Curry and George and the young guys.

  7. We got 4 titles out of it.. as a warriors fan it stings but its time. Gonna miss game 6 Klay and the splash brothers. 2011-2022 were incredible times. Ive seen more champions in this past decade then most people see in their lives.. its bitter sweet but thanks for the memories Killer Klay.

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