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26 thoughts on “Pardon the Interruption | Paul George completes Sixers’ BIG 3; Klay picked Mavs over Lakers – Wilbon

  1. Klay was selfish, pocket watching is not a good look. While he was out for 2yrs, he kept is big bucks. At one point Steph Curry was making $12m, Klay and Draymond was making more than Steph. Steph said he spoke to is Wife and they agreed he would take that pay cut for the good of the Team. So Klay seemed to forget.

  2. Steph Curry took a pay cut, he made $12M a year at one point. Klay and Draymond was making more than Steph! What Klay did was selfish,he was was out 2yrs and still made is big bucks. Pocket watching is not a good look. Good luck to Klay.

  3. Safe to say Chris Paul doesn't n hasn't ever cared about winning a championship only when he joined the suns maybe. But this move to the spurs makes it a fact he don't give a fuck lmao n it's sad because he is a legend but like Carmelo Anthony he dnt wanna win he dgaf.

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