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Outside courthouse, Karen Read visits supporters while jury deliberates

Karen Read and her attorneys exited the courthouse on Thursday and met with a crowd of supporters while the jurors continued to deliberate in her murder case.

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31 thoughts on “Outside courthouse, Karen Read visits supporters while jury deliberates

  1. Take responsibility Court TV. They want to pass the blame on the defense attorneys for the Karen Read. Court TV is just making it worse by showing the supporters an non supporters of Karen outside the courthouse. An this morning a guest was calling Karen's supporters DOGS. But of course Court TV will never take ANY responsibility. The least they could do is apologize to John's family. But that would mean taking responsibility for some of the people outside. That's not going to happen. Apologize just once Court TV !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vote Canton Karen!……….. next President!…….. what on earth are the Canton Karen fan club gonna do when she’s in prison and the show’s over. Maybe, go to work…like get a job? Or maybe take their kids out somewhere nice, instead of camping at the courthouse? Or maybe just ‘get a life’…….. 🫠🥴

  3. A group of housewives, who have a super boring life, this is a sidekick to their "real" housewives of Boston show…. Those are women, who 100%, haven't followed the trial or have read the court documents…they are so Maga alike..No critical thinkers !

  4. Let's hope the Jury have the evidence and not this weird social media cult attempt at running interference in an ongoing trial. She thinks she's a celebrity 😮 It's a bad day for justice when social media decides.

  5. This is so disgusting. She is so disgusting!! John's family has to see all these clowns every single day. She thinks she is a movie star when in fact she's a murderer!!

  6. There isn’t a report because they never made a report ….there’s no report to give them. AND if there IS then why isn’t it in evidence!? Too much doubt in this case!!!

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