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34 thoughts on “No verdict after 3 days of deliberations in Karen Read murder trial

  1. Followed this trial and every American should fear the American justice system. There is plainly reasonable doubt. Corruption from the PD to DA to judge IMO. Someone on that jury has a vested interest. Surely the FBI has to step in as this is so wrong on so many levels

  2. Only way there is a hung jury is a corrupt juror that denies the facts. If they try her again there should be a change of venue. Can't get a fair trial when the judge is clearly biased. Also, a new trial will be after the Fed investigation is done.

  3. It will be late morning just before lunch they will drop their verdict and be home before Friday night traffic. I say 11:15am – 11:30am, the Judge won't stop for lunch he will plow right through. I'm pretty sure Karen Read is going home, I have reasonable doubt with what has been presented and two of them were Double Whoppers w/cheese that can't be ignored. I'm not a cobra in a basket!

  4. It's amazing, the prosecution didn't come close to making thier case but ther are people who are sure she is guilty because they don't like something about her or they don't like how she acts. But we should be clear, with the evidence the jury has seen this should never have been prosecuted to begin with.

  5. That jury should have been back by lunch yesterday. Mark my words, that dirty town and that dirty court has planted a dirty sneak on the jury to throw the whole thing. NO ONE thinks this woman did it. EVERYONE thinks the cops did. Something is VERY wrong here.

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