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Nigel Farage: ‘Belgium is not a nation’

Nigel Farage, former Ukip leader, tells the European parliament that ‘Belgium is not a nation, it’s an artificial construct’ in response to a speech championing the European project by the prime minister of Belgium, Charles Michel. In response, Michel told MEPs: ‘Britain took his advice, and look how well that is going’
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50 thoughts on “Nigel Farage: ‘Belgium is not a nation’

  1. Well this aged well Nigel, you made a mockery of the UK. They are laughing at us now in the EU with our lowest economic growth out of the G7 countries, we’ve barely recovered from the pandemic whilst other countries are thriving more than ever.

  2. If he's saying they are not a nation because the British drew the borders and the country is politically divided then literally half the countries on this planet are also not nations. What a dumb man 👨

  3. Belgium a Country created by th Brits With a Saxon King Beetwen Prussia/Germany and France to prevent a War 80 years later the Brits declared War to Germany cause Belgium was invaded in Schliefenplan and Fields of Flanders became the greatest British Gravehearth cause of Somme and Ypres..

  4. While he's right about the artifialness, by that line of thinking the US isn't a country either, nor is Canada, France, Spain, Russia, China, Nigeria, India or even the UK. So maybe not the best way to define a country after all?

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